Veterinary Crisis, Complaints Way Up

Dr Jones’ Free Book Veterinarians are at a crisis point, with a dire staffing shortage leading to fatal consequences for pets.


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  1. Hi. I would like to just say that my 4 month old 4 kilo puppy just went through what I hope is the worst 24 hours in his life after he was given a “combo” shot yesterday. I questioned the vet but am not currently in my home country and so did not have a choice of vets, and had to trust what they told me. After 53 years of living with dogs and over 65 combined years taking dogs to vets for inoculations, I have never seen anything like what happened yesterday. He screamed when you blew on him much less touched him. He was shaking and twitching and couldn’t walk without screaming. (I put him in a soft crate and lay on the floor with him and he finally slept draped over my neck.) There was no way I could have taken him to an emergency vet even so I dribbled chicken ‘soup’ in his mouth and kept him still all night. AFTER they gave him this shot for what they call here ‘parkworm’ which is heartworm and which I was told MUST be given here every three months (?) when he was screaming they pulled out a package of ‘Nexcare’ pills and said they could order those for him. In two months I have asked a lot of questions but was never given the alternative. He already had a bad reaction to the rabies shot. I lost my 6 1/5 year old last year to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (it was so quick I never learned the proper name). She was given two rabies shots that year so we could travel. I am still sick about losing her and am convinced it was the rabies shots. I am never going back to that vet and will never put any animal through that again. He is able to walk this morning enough to go potty and he ate. I am counting my blessings and praying there is no long term damage.

  2. I live in a town that's not that big. But there's six different veterinary clinics. They used to take turns covering the weekends but one clinic decided they didn't want to. Long story short we have no coverage now and you have to drive at least an hour if your pet gets sick on the weekend. And that one clinic that eventually decided they didn't want to work weekends would also charge much more than the other places on the weekends. So one place ruined it for the entire town. And this was before Covid was ever heard of.

  3. Are they trying to reduce the world of animals in only the richest people in being allowed to own pets, they having bought out the smaller family veterinary clinics in becoming part of a global company in interested in making money, my own veterinary clinics to having a new phone system to having a long winded list of options and promotions etc and takes ages to answer the phone. The rise in consultation fees in the past few months and doubled in price and repeat medicines to keep fluctuating in price.

  4. My ex vet told me that cats don’t get heart worms and I don’t need to vaccinate! They are on BS because the heart worm Assoc says it’s very important!! Mosquitos transmit it and I live in a very fluent mosquito area!! Unbelievable! Why can’t we find de wormer anymore over the counter? I don’t trust vets medicines they don’t even let anyone see what medicine bottle!! How can I de worm for roundworms? And heart worm if possible, please help!! My cat just had kittens 12 weeks ago and her and the kitten I kept are both infected with roundworms right now!!

  5. Dr. Jones, I have to tell you that I lost my 17.5 month old corgi to a long-time trusted vet who did not make the time to x-ray him. Four days later my pup was dead due to an inguinal hernia, that was detected (but not relayed to me) during his neuter surgery, that caught his intestines five months later and drained the life from him. So, in this case, being able to see the vet did not save my pup. 😢

  6. Yes there is a surge in interest to "take better care" of their dogs on the part of the dog owning public, but unfortunately that does NOT mean more veterinary intervention! It is self-serving propaganda of the sick dog industry to promote "relationships" with vets. The more you see a vet, the more likely you are to be talked into harmful pharmaceutical treatments, including vaccines, pharmaceutical so-called 'preventatives', feeding GARBAGE to your dog in the form of commercial pet food and overall really bad advice. The vet industry relies on repeat business, and that means SICK dogs. Lots of chronically sick dogs = big, strong, healthy vet industry.

  7. My dogs pee smells like it’s on fire. It was a weird burning smell and strong!!! it’s a bright yellowish color. We aren’t sure what is going on and can’t get into a vet 🙁 do you know why???

  8. It's all about money. If you have a little money you can get a little help. If you have a lot of money you can get a lot of help. It's all about the money

  9. My cat of 13 years needed put down because of all of her ailments and pain but all the vets in our surrounding areas were 3 weeks out for that so now she sits in agony. What else can I do but sit and watch.

  10. The problem I have with taking my dog to the vet "regularly" per their recommended schedule is the fact that most vets are Vax pushers. I was never concerned or aware before since I always had large dogs until I got a tiny dog. I did tons of research about her breed & how to take care of her so I became very conscious about what goes into her body. I've actually had to argue with a vet who wanted to giver her a unnecessary Vax that I had researched has serious side effects & has been lethal , especially in small dogs. Sorry I don't remember the specific Vax, this happened years ago. Needless to say I stopped going to that vet & vet trips are limited now. She's raw fed with supplements, super healthy & energetic like a puppy, she's 6.5 yrs old.

  11. I just encountered this problem! My cat got sick this last weekend, serious enough that we needed help right away.

    Called my wonderful vet who was unfortunately, sick with covid.

    Then, proceeded to call 3 emergency hospitals who were at overflow, and couldn't see us. I called an additional vet office. Then the 4th emergency hospital I called could only get us in a day later. It was frightening!

    I kept my cat going until yesterday. She was seen and treated (she had an infection developing). Thank goodness she was seen in time! I did my best to keep her going, warm, getting water down, etc. It really was eye opening!

    My cat is not out of the woods yet, but she is doing better!

    It's amazing how, even if you have established relationships with vets and vet hospitals, things can still go wrong when you need to go! I am glad I know some basic home care, it got my cat through until she was able to get in!

  12. My vet clinic will only see my dog if I drop him off outside and his appointment is done without me present because I have not received the C-19 shot. I have little faith in masks but offered to wear an N95. My dog is healthy, so, not a big problem but worrisome.

  13. Hi Dr Jones, you are blessing to all dog owners. Thank you for your advises. I am a first pet owner who wants to care for my 8.5 month old Bichon Frise the natural way as much as possible. Where can I find your free book ? Where can I buy a dog first aid kit. Thank you.

  14. My 3 year old dog had seizure and went to the vet. The vet said to get him into phenobarbital. and then I ask him about Cbd oil. He said nope it won’t work. I did my research by the way and he literally said NO he is not going to get better. I don’t recommend it. Once your dog is on phenobarbital.. thats it. You gotta go every 3 months of blood work= $$$$, I was like yeah more for your pocket . I didn’t listen to him. Phenobarbital is harsh . It will damage your dogs liver and kidney. And you will never see your dog happy, playful etc… my dog is on CBd oil and it’s organic … plant base & his seizures stop. This is why I subscribe to this channel bec I follow all his advices and they seem to work with my dog. By the way…. Thank you so much and I wish we have more vet like .

  15. A vet treated an tooth abscess & he was very healthy. They r open 24/7 & ón website states: no need an emergency vet clinic. IGNORED CALLS FOR OVER 24 hrs & the vet blamed me, her vet techs – everybody by taking accountability herself. A week later he was dead. The vet I took him to after to send him home. Told me if he got the medication sooner. He would of be alive today. Now, it is my mission to shut them down and hav the attorney general of my state involved

  16. I won't be able to afford to have any animals after my current pets pass away – I can't afford them now…it takes everything I've got (sometimes I don't eat in order to ensure that they get the care they need). And even then, I have to do all the research and the work (but the vets get the money – because the vets are the only way to access the drugs needed).
    What is going to happen to society as fewer and fewer people have pets – simply because they can't afford to have them? Suicides and depression will skyrocket! And the animals will suffer the most…with nobody to provide them with homes and care – and love. All so a select few Progressive Marxists can profit from the suffering of puppies! The same problems (caused by the same sort of people) are destroying all of our industries… Western civilization is being destroyed by greedy Marxists. What's happening to the veterinary industry is just the tip of the ice burg.

  17. EVERYONE: TAKE THIS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS. There are SO MANY resources for HOME CARE and wellness and prevention, as well as home emergency care. We MUST take matters into our own hands. I have VERY long-lived animals who live WELL past their "normal" life-expectancies because I STAY AWAY FROM MAINSTREAM VETERINARY MEDICINE. You CAN do this!

  18. vets have pretty much taken the same approach as human doctors, no regard for patients health and only interested in pushing costly remedies that never address the underlying issues.

  19. The relatively new concept of "Emergency Vet Clinic" in my area has resulted in many animals not getting timely treatment or being euthanized, because of cost being out of reach for this depressed area. We use to be able to access our primary Vet 24/7 & pay reasonable prices for emergency care. Now it's about MONEY, Not saving lives.

  20. My dog Freya had a seizure disorder. Less than 2 weeks ago on 09/08, Freya started having seizure after seizure after seizure. I called the ER vet closest to us and they wanted me to make an appointment. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!! She was actively seizing and in distress. I'm not proud to say that I cussed the girl on the phone out and called a different ER vet clinic (I'm lucky to live in a city with multiple ER clinics) and they told me to bring her in right away.
    Sadly Freya passed away on the ride to the other ER clinic, she had 17 seizures within 1 hour and died during the last one in the arms of my 18-year-old daughter in the back seat of my car. The "ER clinic" that I called first that refused to see us immediately was 6 blocks from our home.

  21. A couple years ago, one of my senior pups had to be seen for breathing difficulties. Our vet took him right away. He had to be transferred to the Vet college ER clinic for emergency surgery. This year, my other senior pup was having breathing issues (cardiac) due to the high, humid temps. My vet and 2 ER vets could not accommodate him! We found a third ER vet who was able to treat him with Lasix and O2. All 4 vets said, due to Cov19 and people staying home and adopting more pets, they have been inundated with new clients. And with the increase in heat waves with high humidity that we have never seen in our area, they were overwhelmed. The clinic we went to was under renovation, so other clinics had to take on the extra load. My vet is open 8-8 m-f and 8-5 Sat. I think they have increased appointments on Saturdays, as well as staff in general, but are still struggling to keep up. Hopefully with the cooler autumn weather arriving, the vets will see a decrease in heat related health crises. We are so very grateful to all the vets and their staff who are trying to save our pets under this stressful time.

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