High Rollers: Patrick King "The Soil King" Full Episode / Derek Gilman / Ganjier

Patrick King earned his reputation as “The Soil King” by transforming “dirt” into “soil” – biologically rich, active, supercharged soil that produces premium …


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  1. Thanks guys! So good to get affirmations when your the other side of the planet livin in the dark ages still that the natural way in harmony with organic living element's of life are true…One love 💜

  2. How did I miss this episode, nice. The new upload reminded me, thanks again for the content.
    I told ya the channel would pop! I knew it man, your stuff is solid, keep it going you all.

  3. This was excellent, Does Patrick’s cbd work have anything to do with the Ringo stock he was gifted years ago, trying to keep up with the cbd lineage, thanks!

  4. Once again another amazing show for connoisseurs by connoisseur legends. My only question is how do I get Patrick's true fire in a place like Arizona? I'm getting older now and it's harder for me to drive from state to states to get genetics and real quality cannabis. Thanks to the show and people like you and Patrick you guys keep my passion alive. As a cultivator and amateur breeder I want to be remembered as a cannabis philanthropist and connoisseur, but I want to do it with the best genetics and the best soil and cultivation skills possible. Truly from the bottom of my heart thank you Derek and Patrick.

  5. Glad there are still like minded people out there like myself, ppl out here in oklahoma use bs ferts and call it organic, iblike using real fish and fish emulsion along with composting my own soil with my lawn clippings and charcoal from black stage to white stage and road apples, my dad says it takes him back to late 60s and 70s

  6. 15:00 THIS. I work for a dispensary. They preach about putting the patient first yadda yadda but we have sales goals for stores and run promotions constantly. It's obviously a money grab and my job feels cheapened for it. As a consultant my first priority is helping people get what they need, not making a corporation a dollar.

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