The Ultimate Big Fat Keto Lie is NOT about Saturated Fats …

The Fraudulent misinterpretation of two of the largest studies ever done nearly 50 years ago (the Sydney Diet Heart Study 1966-73, and the Minnesota Coronary …


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  1. The question is: How much did the industry which produces all of these dozens of oil pay to have this information lost??? In the end, all that needs to be done is to look to the past and find out how many of your great grand parents died from heart desease or coronary desease and what was their diet. It certainly was not Crisco or Mazola. It was lard and meat and potatoes without much salt.

  2. The fraud had to take place, they cannot admit that animal fat is superior for health. The sides were drawn a long time ago. Cain, plants, Abel, animai. Genesis 4:3-5 — And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the LORD. Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the LORD respected Abel and his offering, but He did not respect Cain and his offering. And Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell.

  3. I'm 6 minutes in, and have yet to hear you actually make your point or saying anything of relevance.
    If you have a point, MAKE IT – and then we can discuss the details of it. Otherwise, you end up sounding like a salesman who's just stringing me along because he really doesn't have anything of value to sell.

  4. Why is there so many people that don't have problems with it. And I have listen to a load of doctors talk about keto and NOT one of them has talked about using canola oil. In fact all of them condemn it strongly. But I guess if you look long enough you will always find someone to back you point.

  5. This is why "follow the science" makes me sick to my stomach. It's more like "obey the politically biased lab monkeys and don't question anything they tell you."

  6. Doc do I need to cool it on my nut intake? I eat walnuts, almonds and peanuts all the time, is it time to give them up? I’m a brand new subscriber and watched the omega video and left me scratching my head lol, thanks for the info.

  7. But dear doc, you must've known that omega 6's are found in certain oils (corn, soy, etc) as well as some meat, and then of course processed foods, so where did the confusion come from? (And in school I saw how some research studies can be flawed or compromised, leading to subpar dietary guidelines and changes and general confusion for the public/patients ). Interesting presentation though!

  8. This is me, I eat fruit when it is in season nuts on occasion mostly around holidays but no processed food sugar or grains. I eat little omega 6 fat, my numbers are low, as I have had my c reactive protein test and it is less than 3%. Once upon a time it was above 8! I have reversed all metabolic disorders. 8 medications to 0 has taken close to 3 years to fix my body The answers for me are how my body responds not what someone tells me to eat. I do follow Dr Ben Bikman's eating strategy, (my summary) protein first, finish with fat and little to no carbohydrate. I have no problem with weight other than I can't gain it at the moment, a fat burning machine. Ancestral diet is my main focus which for me is mostly meat and carniferious vegetables only seasonal fruit and native to a colder climate. Just because an apple is at the store does not mean I buy and eat it. My A1C is 5.1. triglycerides 68, HDL 74. Highest A1C was 13.1, triglycerides 198, low HDL 42 six years ago. My body must love me I am still here😁. Insulin last check was less than 2.5. There was a time it was at 23. I do not eat vegetable oil. Actually why would anyone eat oil made in a facility that looks like it produces petroleum products. But the cow is the bad guy? Grass fed butter, beef, salmon, sardines, shell fish (all wild caught),and lamb tallow my main sources for fat and protein. I eat very little chicken and not a lot of pork. That's me; thanks for this message stop eating vegetable (seed) oil as everyone should be informed. At one time I weighed 295, mostly visceral fat, today I weigh 173, I am 5' 11". Working on stress right now, always something. I got healthy to lose weight and be able to exercise, I did not lose weight and exercise to get healthy. The latter so many in the medical profession push.

  9. My body tells me that KETO works. Along with OMAD, I've lost 120lbs, great blood work and feel and look great. Low inflammation, A1C down to 5.0. Triglycerides are 85, down from over 600. Sleep Apnea improved and sleep in general much improved. Prostate issues improved dramatically. Crazy high energy levels. I went from busting the buttons out of waste size 42 to size 32 being loose and hanging on my hips. My doctor paraded me around her office like a show pony telling everybody about my weight loss and that I did it with diet and not surgery. She was very open to Keto and OMAD. I was actually kind of surprised and impressed. LOL

  10. So is there a list of these tests somewhere beside the video? would like to give them to my doctor . chances are, my insurance won't cover them because they are out of the standard. I recently asked for a Hydroxy Vit D test and it cost me $82
    Just subcribed and requested membership in the facebook group.

  11. Olive oil, coconut oil and animal fats for me!

    By the way, once you google omega 6, one of the first results is a study from Harvard, telling us how essential and actually BENEFICIAL omega6 oils are, lower LDL, increase HDL etc. I still avoid them.

  12. A book I just finished this weekend and highly recommend is The Big Fat Surprise. The author spent nine years digging through all of the research surrounding saturated fat and how both the government and a large section of the research/scientific community actively suppressed data concerning saturated fat in order to promote the low-fat high carb agenda.

  13. Great coverage of this type of corruption. And it only scratches the top of this kind of perversion I am sorry to say.
    I’m working on halting my CAC score progression and it’s not easy. I need to act more like an engineer and scientist and put my labs on a spreadsheet over time because my doc just sticks them in a folder.
    I see you have a fold on your ear lobe (Franks Sign) like I do. After fasting and keto/carnivore, my crease became less acute and softer. I take that as a good sign.
    Thank you for taking action to help people.

  14. First attempt to tell you this was deleted by youtube. I went through your portal and searched "omega." Found "Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids, Plasma" (test 91001) which was $48, not $26.

  15. So informative. So many lairs out there. Lost data… please. I've been eating junk most of my life. I'm 64 started keto 3 weeks and feel so much better. Swelling has disappeared i can play the guitar again. Can't weigh myself as in lock down in nz. But I fit clothes that I haven't fit in awhile. Keto rocks. Update im 5'7 and was 110kg after 4 weeks I'm 100kg and it was easy. I haven't been under 100kg for years. Can't wait.

  16. Interesting you're talking about fats. I've been keto for three years (originally to beat diabetes, and I also lost a lot of weight), and discovered that my ketone levels have a pretty good correlation with my inflammation due to degenerative disc disease. Unfortunately, my ketone levels have moderated over the years, and I now have to fast more than 24 hours to boost them to where I want them. I've recently been fasting weekends.

    A few days ago, the subject of MCT oil came up. Another youtuber pointed out that it can be used to manipulate ketone levels, but that it didn't matter, because they aren't ketones from weight loss. Well, if ketones by themselves reduce inflammation, then I'm in! Starting now, I'm experimenting with therapeutic MCT oil ingestion. For now, I'm having a 1 1/2 tablespoon (20ml was the amount referenced in a study) after my last meal of the week and after dinner mid-week, and I'm going to see what that does to my average ketone levels and my inflammation. 

    I have a Biosense breath meter, so I can get a pretty good graph. We'll see what happens.

  17. Double WOW!! This is sickening news kept from us from greedy selfish people. Thank you so much for this and all your
    our hard work researching & bringing us the truth.

  18. I’ve been learning a lot about Omega ratio these days and this is the exact reason why I will not touch foods cooked in those oils anymore. I found a place near me that actually fries their fried foods in coconut oil. Much much better!

  19. The problem is that so many foods sold in stores really contains those oils. Try to find something else..only way is really do food from raw. 90 prosent of food in supermarkets you can't by. Even ice-cream.

  20. Thank you for the health saving information! I'm not sure if you are aware but there are parts of the video where there is no audio. Almost like censoring maybe?

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