Lyft now lets you pay for your Tinder date’s ride

Now that in-person dating is making a comeback, Lyft and Tinder want to encourage more of those face-to-face encounters. As teased in March, the Tinder app now includes an Explore hub that lets you buy a Lyft ride for your date. You don’t have to exchange addresses or locations — you just send a credit (with a set destination, if you prefer) and your date does the rest.

The credit is only useful for dropoffs within a half-mile of a set destination, and you’ll get a refund for any unused credit. You don’t have to worry that your would-be beau will travel to the other end of town, in other words.

The motivations are fairly obvious here. This gives Lyft drivers more business, and encourages Tinder users to do more than message each other and watch videos. It might be difficult to complain about a free ride to the restaurant, mind you, and you might just land a relationship in the bargain.

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