Doctor V – Mistakes When Double Cleansing | Skin Of Colour | Brown Or Black Skin

Introducing you to the *NEW* Dr Vanita Rattan Anti-aging & Brightening range for Skin of Colour. It includes: • Oil Melting Cleanser £17 • Micellar Gel Wash £15 …


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  1. Thank you very much I'm suffering from dry skin and cracked damaged skin. Plus clogged pores due to not doing my routine with salicylic acid cash wash. My skin goes nuts when I don't wash with that type of face wash.

  2. Eczema, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, allergies, hashimoto and other autoimmune/ skin diseases/ metabolic issues will disappear if you go vegan. These problems are strictly connected with toxic eating.
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  3. So far been good with good molecules instant cleansing balm and Naturium niacinamide cleansing gelee I also incorporate/ alternate with Live Clean Baby fragrance free 2% colloidal oatmeal eczema wash which work great on the face as well as body all are so affordable

  4. please do the bha cleanser video for us with oily problematic tzone 🙏🏿 the struggle is real 😭😭😭 my breakouts are out of hand. also can you wear Paula 2% bha in the day? and does it mean I shouldn't oil cleanse if I'm combination skin ? thankful for these videos

  5. THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR MAKING YOUR SPF SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH DRY SKIN! I am so glad you made the finish dewy and hydrating!! Thank you!! Please make the same one but for the body with a dewy finish and super hydrating. Pleaseeee! 💚💛🧡

  6. Hello DrV! Please can I request if you can kindly do step by step skincare video for those with eczema & dry/sensitive skin to tackle skin dryness and for anti ageing, how to boost collagen, treat wrinkles and treat hyperpigmentation please?! I would be so grateful. It would be super helpful if you can let us know which products from your daily range products would suit those with eczema and dry/sensitive skin. Thank you very much 💙💚💛

  7. Hello dr V can you plz make a video on cystic acne specifically on chin and nose for oily skin i use paul choice bha, cerave cleanser, oz natural retinol moisturizer , TO azelic acid and cerave moisturizer but still got that

  8. Please can you take a look at tropic skin care and make up and forever living skincare. I have oily skin with sun damage and acne scaring/blemishes. I am changing all my skincare routine (inc make up) after subscribing to you. I love your videos. I have lots of products that I’ve used and I want to find one routine that works for me. There’s so much out there. Thank you so much xxx

  9. Really appreciate all the knowledge ur spreading across the globe ♥️
    How to use micellar water to cleanse the face?? And salicylic acid peels and cleanser u would recommend

  10. hi i just wanna know i have dry skin and im oily in my t-zone area and chin is the clean it zero 3-in-1 cleansing balm good for my skin and im a skin of colour but I haven’t tried it yet?

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