Courtney Barnett’s web app lets you remix her latest singles

You don’t have to be a Kanye fan (or buy a gadget) to remix a new album. MusicTech notes that Courtney Barnett has shared a free, web-based stem mixer that lets you chop up three singles from the Australian rocker’s upcoming Things Take Time, Take Time. You can isolate or highlight elements like percussion and guitars, and there’s even a simple loop generator with start and end points. You aren’t about to produce a drum-and-bass mix of “Before You Gotta Go,” but you might get closer than you think.

This is a promo for the album, of course, and it’s notable that you can’t (officially) save your compositions. This might teach you a thing or two about layering in music, though. And it’s free — you won’t need more than your computer and some headphones to experiment with Barnett’s tracks. Don’t be surprised if other artists follow suit, even if they’re unlikely to pull a Nine Inch Nails and release the raw track files.

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