50+ Tips that EVERY New World Player Needs to Know!

No matter the level of experience you are in New World, there is always something to learn. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you out! Subscribe for more …


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  1. So much misinformation wtf. How can you suggest healers should wear heavy armour for the cc buff. Wear light and you get 20%buff to healing and damage instead.

  2. Should be titled "50+ Tips for Fastest/Most Efficient Leveling". For some of us end game isn't the be all end all goal. Skipping quests isn't my thing. Still some valuable tips sprinkled in there, though. Thanks.

  3. 11:30 this one show if which guild do that it's mean they have no vision. if you can't take alll territory and doing this you practically drive people to another town and they just come to your territory for farming only.

  4. Also, when repairing equips as you are leveling up, sometimes it is better to upgrade via buying off the market if you can’t find your own upgrades. Repairing costs gold and sometimes, depending on the equip, it can cost upwards of 20+ gold and repair parts. You can easily find upgrades on the market for as low as 5 gold a piece.

  5. Most oldie time sailors could not swim – reason, if they fell overboard, they would drown quickly as opposed to spinning it out and drowning slowly.

  6. I don't really agree with the trading post thing. I've been putting all my gathered resources on the trading post and not one thing has sold in 3 days. This is the problem with a gather heavy game since everyone is gathering everything anyway.

  7. my only suggestion is match up the footage to what you're talking about, you were talking about roll canceling and i thought your character was gonna do something along the lines of roll canceling and it never happened lol

  8. I literally threw everything into dexterity, if you’re decent you can easily survive higher level. Just be smart about things, open up with a musket head shot and shoot until they get to you then use your other weapon to finish them off.

  9. Nearly every one of these tips is so highly subjective from the point of view of the person who posted the video that I feel it ought to be called "My favorite tips" or something. That said, I did learn one tip from this video that's useful for me: mass deposit into storage. So thanks for that.

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