Shocking Facts About Cancer – by Mark Sloan

Shocking Facts About Cancer – by Mark Sloan Mark Sloan • • Book – The Cancer Industry: Crimes, Conspiracy and The Death of My …


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  1. It seems fascinating until we go to the Q and a. He doesn’t really seem to have specific knowledge about dosing and counter argument about nitric oxide and saturated fat. You sound like it’s a feeling he’s kind of winging it. I got really worried when he wasn’t giving specific dosage for sodium bicarbonate. If you take too much you can actually lower the body’s pH which will kill you.

  2. no food is just 1 thing, each food has a backpack of macro and micronutrients. If you eat saturated fat you might also eat animal protein and I don't know if that's great for cancer treatment. When you talk about food like that it is kind of confusing.

  3. He’s still introducing after half an hour 😞 Next it turns into a Navy SEAL’s all-home-made cancer cure tips. Good to know that next time I have cancer, I can take an aspirin for it stops growth in 80%. And, oh, cooked liver hot sauce prevents?

    But hmmm, I remain quite unsure that this presentation is up to standards of the Truth About series?

  4. we know that we have all cancer cells. why not go natural healing and stop chemo and radiation its killing the patient. i went natural, eliminate sugar, carbs, soya, processed food, stress. now i am still alive

  5. My friend, 30 years ago got cancer, went thru chemo, went into remission, but five years later it came back, spread through her body, and my friend, Rose Chiarella, was dying, could not get out of bed. Her oncologist got angry when she refused chemo. She dropped all animal products and refined foods, and strangely, went on a grape only diet, even eating the seeds. Long story short, all of her cancer, slowly went away. She also prayed a lot, and read the bible, very spiritual woman that I visited often while living in New Jersey.

  6. Diagnosed with Stg. 3 Breast cancer. Had 4 rounds of chemo then double mastectomy. After all that torture I refused radiation, chemo and hormone treatments for several reasons: 1) it's torture, 2) I question it's actual effectiveness and 3) all that chemo and hormones are peed back into our environment. So my question here is, what therapies are best for those of us who wised up too late?

  7. $500 billion total has been spent on cancer research in the last 50 years. The US dept of defense spends twice that much every year — and what do we get for that? Further the government just blew $10 trillion on this corona thing. What did we get for that?

  8. Nitric oxide is found in green leafy veggies…. So eat no greens to get healthy???? Most plants are unsaturated fat so eat little plants???
    That isn’t logical at all…

  9. "WE THE PEOPLE" -the ones that have done our research on flat earth, KNOW that early oceanographers/cartographers that sailed the seas, mapmaking, all KNEW the shape of our plane-t, just like the criminal 1% in charge now have always known, M∆$0NS/JESUITS/PRESIDENTS/PRIME MINISTERS/..ILLUMINUTTY,, -the ice ring wall around our planet, along with all of the Antarctic land that surrounds us at our southernmost borders. (by air, or sea going vessel can establish the fact that each negative lateral line south of the equator is larger circumnavigating, & NOT incrementally smaller as they would proclaim) …& a few hundred miles inland from there is where the firmament contacts our round, flat, circle, Earth.

    The "globe-bots" & "shills" disregard all the evidence I'm sure that they have seen or heard of: –>

    declassified documents from US government, Russian, & nasaholes, that have ~ in their documents, basing their missiles, and rocketry calculations, "from a flat stationary non-rotating Earth" .
    …if you do not work for the cabal then why would you want for them to get away with all their crimes against humanity, murdering, including children,, the taxation theft, the farther stripping of Rights, and not just from one country, but from all??
    ..the 99%, want the cabal wiped out of power for these crimes against humanity.
    The SAME upper elite getting away with these crimes, are the SAME sadistic players in these agencies & "secret societies" that brought you the globe model, are the SAME ones trying to come for your guns, you're sovereign rights, and trying to inoculate you and your kids with graphine oxide, & immune destroying garbage.

    you are no better than a cheerleader for the deep state MA$0N/lLLUMlN∆Tl if pushing "globe" earth which is satanistic, non-biblical, not correct, proven false, & just plain fraudulent.
    The ONLY free pass these people need is to the front of the GITMO line.

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