Pampering Day

With everything going on right now, I’m still trying to find moments to pamper myself. Today I decided to give myself a little pamper sesh! My CBD Bath Bombs …


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  1. curious. i know that piercings are totally personal, could you after u have had your nose piercing a while give feedback. i want more piercings … yet to find some1 to do them (thinking i need to find some1 to ask them more ?'s but when u r from a small town it hard to find those folks to lean on for advice/help). i am wondering how you made those big decisions? advice pls. thx. love your videos. happy fall. ( ;

  2. I had an “irritation bump” too it’s called a keloid. I crushed up aspirin and mixed it with water to form a paste 3 times a day until it went away. Hopefully you can get rid of yours too!

  3. Oau. Never new your Armenian! It doesn,t matter. I like everything about your calming videos,and you. It is just that i,m passionate about cultures. So you,re armenian jewish? Great ancestry history you got there! Wow:))) kisses

  4. I think Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist, Whitey, used to bleach her facial hair too because it made her complexion look dreamy on camera! I thinks it’s great that you show how we can still enjoy makeup AND be intentional about our makeup consumption & use healthier products. I love your new song! It has a sweet story. It’s so refreshing to have a song that is just a simple one about relationships, no drama, just love. I’m not usually into country, but I love your music, so I’m starting to explore the genre. 😊

  5. Finally !!! The wait is over , I have been waiting for ur pamper routine for a very long time dunnoe why it's the best volg to watch when u just want to relax …. Hope u will be uploading soon

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