10 *BAD* Beauty Mistakes You KEEP MAKING! *how to fix*

10 *BAD* Beauty Mistakes You KEEP MAKING! *how to fix* Click here https://kenzzi.com/products/kenzzi-ipl-hair-removal-handset?ref=SE50 and use code …


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  1. Batiste can cause balding 😯 🛑 ✋🏼

    I have a dry shampoo by HASK it’s called ‘Chai Seed’ (volumizing dry shampoo) and it smells so amazing I sometimes just spray it on my hair so it smells delicious 😉

  2. The left side of your face where the blush does not go up as high actually makes you look younger than the brushed up side. Just saying….. Either way you look good. Q Tips on dried mascara works just as well.

  3. The salt deodorant is a traditional deodorant in our moroccan culture… My grandmothers used it… I used it to purge from industrial ones… Now I don't need any deodorant

  4. mineral deodorant i.e. just the mineral salt "stone" is natural, safe, ecological, economical, allergy-friendly, and most importantly: actually works

    been using it since 1997

  5. Another healthy alternative to deodorant is baking soda. I just rub some baking soda under my arms and it works amazing! In my personal experience it works better than aluminum-free deodorants I’ve tried.

  6. @sheawhitney I’ve been getting microdermabrasion at my cosmetic dermatologist’s monthly for the past 5 years. In between I use my Dermaflash. Why? Because all this de flakes, de puffs and de fuzzes the skin so my makeup will look it’s best! I’ll follow my MD’s advice.

  7. I love my crystal deodorant and if you want a scent just apply crystal and then after a couple min apply a clear aluminum free deodorant on top and you have the goodness of no BO for a very long time and the scent of using as deodorant that you like but maybe doesn’t last you all day in it’s own 🙂 been using crystals for a year. Love it. Never heard it mentioned on YouTube until now.

  8. I admire how you give advice to all shoppers of luxury brands that will help them to decide what they buy.i love watching you very humble❤❤❤ Thank you so much for sharing and I will be saving this to my favorites for reference @ gurep.com.

  9. Great tips and tip but sometimes after watching these I have to go over to The Minimal Mom to decompress from the urge to purchase things that I think will change my life.

  10. I HATEEEEEE how this started work an expensive product with a discount code which took up a whole 3-4 mins in the beginning. Sometimes these are just plain ol annoying!!!!🙄

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