Lesbian Feminist Really Hates Men

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  1. If the rhetoric that is common on the left about their 'oppressors' was used against literally any other group you would have article after article denouncing the spread of incredibly dangerous rhetoric and ideology.

    These people know it, and they don't care. There is no possible interaction with these people that actually benefits you in any shape or form. People like to point this out and laugh about at those people, but I don't think it is a laughing matter, many other catastrophes were laughed off in the beginning.

  2. lol, but if you're a straight white guy that argues being gay isn't a choice, and then explain science can prove it is the result of trauma and environmental damage and effects they also hate you

  3. Huh? speed, strenght and height play a role in winning Netball yeah? That's why you hear about the high school boys' netball team that beat the open woman's world champs. Now It could be just that the teams were better, I say lets play more games of women vs men netball and see if there are better women's teams.

  4. I honestly don’t understand how this is allowed but if I began to rant about how I think all women are evil, lying, stealing, entrapping beings that men MUST be cautious of, I’d be cancelled and crucified immediately!

    Note: I don’t hate women nor generalise the actions of individual women onto all women.

  5. It's ironic that, in a attempt to callout sexists, she's being sexist herself by assuming all men have this intent to hurt or even hate women just because they are men. But seriously, My boyfriend when I first met him said that he was so ashamed of being a man because of people like her. He's better now but the fact that, before I met him, he had to deal with this guilt of being a man because of people like her makes me fucking pissed off

  6. As someone with feminist tattooed on their hands, I approve this message. Also is that…not..a..man? I've heard enough men tell me they are a lesbian. If not this person read one back from the 90's and thinks they with it

  7. I actually did have a woman introduce herself to me as a lesbian and i have no idea why. It was my first day at my new job. If it was to warn me off she needn’t have bothered I’m happily married and not attracted to her in the slightest. Then she kept bringing it up in a defensive way, we’d be talking about something completely non sexual and she’d just blurt out “you know I’m a lesbian right?” Yeah so what of it? Crazy!

  8. Feminists are only feminists when it benefits them! They drop the whole equality notion in a fucking heartbeat when it's convenient! If you want to see it in action just ask one for a divorce and see how quick she's throwing equality out the window and taking the man to court for alimony!

  9. Straight people make it their whole personality???? Wait I’m sorry but I haven’t seen a straight parade or a straight pride month! LGBTQ have parades and a gay month but hey they don’t make it their personality right

  10. I imagine them being 3rd and 4th wave feminist. they tend to hate, degrade, and loath men. they fail to mention that when they do they're commy speeches. they are afew short hairs away from being full blown Communism. and the more further in the waves of feminism you go. the more they seem to hate me. and especially white men.

  11. Anglo tribalists are running protectionist economies (not to the level of China ….just yet but nevertheless it still is nepotism/race based ) where they still do not let minorities in the living wage job market (let alone high levels) despite eating up/freeloading their tuition fee in over priced degrees and growing fat even like this Yoo with a J !!!….

  12. Ok I don't hate that she's a feminist..or a lesbian…or older than me

    I will hate how she tries to sound all high class and posh by emphasising her English Accent
    So in summary…I just hate her talking

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