"Movie Sets, Mega Tsunamis, and More…." ft Rob 9/30/21

Last Thursday of the month; Last day of the month, and Rob is in studio to talk little bit about a lot. The Spanish Canary Island of La Palma is threatening to blow …


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  1. The la Palma volcano landslide and tsunami scenario is OBVIOUS fear mongering propaganda when every single day gigantic pieces of glaciers, sometimes the size of that whole island, occasionally larger, break off and slide into the water causing “tsunamis” already. Look it up the videos are actually quite awe inspiring and binge worthy. “Glacier cleave tsunami” “iceberg tsunami” “massive glacier cleave iceberg tsunami ESCAPE” (the escapes are thrilling, you’ll see). Try punching stuff like that into the YouTube.

  2. I saw a 12 year old girl get a covid jab in Walgreens earlier immediately stand up fall in the floor heart stopped She wasn't breathing a pharmacist give her mouth-to-mouth for 10 minutes until the paramedics got there they hit her with a defibrillator 5 * her heart wouldn't start again and they pronounced her dead on the way to the hospital as far as I'm concerned she was dead right there please don't take that poison it's the devil's juice this may have been the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life

  3. All while they allow the firing of many medical professionals that value choice and informed consent, they have lit the fire of their own destruction, may it keep burning until they are all gone form this reality.

  4. about biden not filming at the WH the Q crowd believe trump or white hats are in control… dunno. it seems like they were on to something early on, but this all seems like it will be bad either way.

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