Health Committee Ireland discussing medical cannabis access program (MCAP) 29-9-21

The Joint Health Committee met on the 29th of September to discuss the latest updates on the Medical Cannabis Access Program. Featured in the session are …


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  1. Ireland needs to rise up and meet the zeitgeist of their compatriots and legalise it – this is a human rights matter …. Damn the man! Nanny state perpetuates … all these fossils need to move on over PLEASE … bunch of sad old men and women, stuck in their ways – yikes …. Retire please … sucks to be so behind the western world. SHAME

  2. Cheers for posting Martin but that is 2 hours I will never get back… but interesting to see the wasters behind the issue and the barriers being created… Brian Lynch by his own admission knows nothing beyond paediatric Epilepsy!!! So sick of these jumbled debates… THC is the analgesic in cannabis as a medicine getting high is irrelevant!! Yer man O'connors thinking that yeah maybe consulting the GPs is an interesting idea. My GP is aware that I use Cannabis as long as I have been in his care as I am pretty sure is the case with everyone I know who uses Cannabis as a medicne… literally so sick of being triggered by this bullshit!

  3. Former Garda arrested as €600k of cannabis herb seized in organised crime investigation. The journal comment section is closed for this story but normally is open!

  4. CBD is the best they can do…for flip sake!!! That professor Byian Lynch has his head up his Ass!! It's obvious that the THC works for epileptic/pain!! So the THC Ratio in the new products will be 1:60 What a joke!!! There a disgrace!!! Well Done Deputy Kenny!!👍👍👍 The rest of them don't have a clue.

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