Summer Wells "H" is for HUSH! #Delta8 CBD

Could Summer have choked on candy the day she disappeared or was there something else wrong with the candy in grandma’s back seat? Summer Moon-Utah …


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  1. Hey! I've been looking for you. 😌 I hadn't noticed the hand signals before. 😯 Great catch and very interesting about the pot candies. Thx hun. 🔆🌻💜🔆🌼

  2. Story goes, ”she got a piece of candy from grandma…” I’ve always wondered why that would be relevant to say at all and what kind of candy was that

  3. Also Candus said to Chris (when he did the interview at the house ) when he asked about the vapes or something, what flavour do you get/like and candus replied,skittles, I always/only get the skittles and they just taste exactly like regular skittles 🤔🤨 maybe she didn’t mean “skittles flavour vape” ,
    who knows what went on that day but whatever happened to poor wee summer, it’s been way too long with nothing… no answers, explanation and not one person who was there that day has told the truth and each contradicting the other, these people know more than they are letting on, whether they are guilty or not all they need to do is be 100% honest and stop lying to save face, fine, if you say you were smoking a joint and took your eyes off her for longer than you thought or whatever it may be they are hiding just say and be honest as at this point we need answers and you lot that were there that day know some of these answers if not all 😡
    We really couldn’t care less about the adults there and what they were doing, all we need right now is summer and if they had anything resembling a heart and soul then speak up!


  4. 🎪💥She didnt choke but yes Ally knows a whole bunch about this crime a whole lot👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼People better focus up and read lables omg….Maybe those gummies were given to Summer to drug her for the exchange when she was sold..

  5. Wow!!!! Game changer!!!! Thank you for this!!! Makes perfect sense now. Why would Allie and Grandma want to hush him up? Great eye on that btw. It appears that Chris caught that too. Could it be that she ate the candy while the women were in the market and he was watching her, (or rather not paying attention to her) therefore it could implicate him????? If not, why would Allie and Grandma not tell the truth? Are they protecting him? Is this the real reason why Candus went back to H's house to get their story straight. Not because of 1 can of twisted tea or a relationship between H and C, but because of the candy! 💡💡💡💡💡 it is making sense now. Were her finger nails turning blue because she wasn't breathing properly? They all would be guilty of letting that little child get a hold of delta 8 because of neglect. When I watch the video of Summer sleeping in the car I do not see her chest rise and fall. She could be breathing shallowly due to the drugs in her system like the guy in the video indicated. I think this may the "accident" everyone eludes to. Maybe after they arrived back at the house Summer had died. So Candus called Don and they met up to decide on what they should do. Don may have wanted to see her with his own eyes. All the other activities that happened afterwards was to cover this up. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. I've been deep diving to best of my limited ability on Summer's disappearance since June 29 but just found your channel. Recommended by another creator👍

    I wish to high heaven LE would get this sewn up and presented to prosecutors sooner than later.


  7. I can't believe I missed h mom hushing him..although, I do have 4 kiddos under
    Baby girl summer wells has left a mark on my heart & has consumed me. I'm always watching videos..I can't believe I missed ally

  8. Candus and Don have always said SUMMER LOVES HER CANDY 🍬. You can tell by Summers teeth they not only never got brushed but she ate lots of junk foods. Could that be that type of candy on the back seat ??? I'm from Australia 🦘 and this case is all over the place. THANKS for bringing this to our attention

  9. Also, the fact that this particular part of the interview has a lot of ‘cut’ edits is very telling. I’m sure Chris, along with his buddies in LE, have a good understanding around the candy etc. The placement of the edits in ALL of Chris’s interviews are hiding a lot of info Imo. Chris has a LOT of interest in where the pillow is now. I think they may have used the pillow to smother Summer.

  10. I knew it had to come out of this mouth eventually. I don't know if it's true but it's what we all thought…..Don will say where summer is if he gets a a pre-paid interview!!!!!!!
    Not a fake one I don't think. That's just what I have heard. Nothing more than gossip.
    Dirty laundry keep up the good work we love it. #LetSummergo ❤💙


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