In which we look at the appalling record ofKristi Noem, we ask the cards what’s up with her, we inquire about the planned demonstration on September 18, and …


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  1. Why do these afful people always take away from those in need along with her Covid killing off people. She’s another monster of greed and non caring. Thank you for keeping us abreast of these self serving repubes.

  2. AS A resident of SD thank you SO much for bringing attention to Noem!! She is just as corrupt as 45 and more people need to understand her intentions!!! I can write a book on her shananagins and I pray she gets voted out!!!

  3. Thank you for answering my Jesus questions. It makes sense that what was drummed into our heads (house of David and then the Jews not believing he was the Messiah, Yet Christians did?!). Along with everything else being proven a we do have the full story. I hope there ever was documentation on Mary the Priestess, that would be cool – Prayers to neighbor.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the info on SD's Sycophant!!!
    As for the question regarding Jesus and Mary being married and having a baby IMHO the card's are spot on but your interpretation of them was biased based on the religious beliefs that were ingrained into you at an early age..first one alone means fertility, etc… no offense! I LOVE you <3

  5. Other countries kids are in school till 16, they are more responsible and are young adults. Psychological studies find American children freq do not start thinking like adults until 26 or older. The other countries kids that go for higher education, it is the kids decision as young adults. Here, we tell our children they must go. That premise is the only one i agree with. Kids are ready to self develop at 16.

  6. Norm sounds like another trump person. Scarey. You numbers & numbers of orbs flying around you when u talked about her. Your angels were out there protecting you

  7. The first thing I think of about Kristi No is "Koch governor" like the other R governors. We have one in AZ, Ducey. And he is a duzzy. Thom Hartmann says that "they" are trying to take over enough States to change the Constitution.

  8. Does not surprise me that Jesus feels devastated by what has happened over the centuries in his name. It is, as I understand it, why he had Helen Schucman scribe a 1250 page document on what he was really trying to say (titled A Course In Miracles). It was intended as a correction to Christianity. My Indian spiritual teacher has called it the most profound book ever written. It exposes ego to the light of day as nothing I've come across, so hopefully truth will win in the end and Christianity will get the word πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’– Thanx as always. I'm not here to be cheered up, (perpetually happy – self-generated) but I always find you to be a delight, with or without Scarlett πŸ€πŸ’–

  9. I appreciated this reading and the soft glow of your setting. The gentle light of the lamps and candles on the wall hangings and art, the room, and your lovely self created a very peaceful place to visit and spend time.

  10. Granny, you seem to be an orb attracter. Check out the. Video at 30:13. Kristi is working her talents: Courage Uniqueness Nerve and Talent. She’s a capital letter sycophant. The CHRISTIAN TALIBAN of which she is neck- deep have no idea about what the far reaching freedoms the US was founded on and frankly they need to be stooped. I counted no less than four orbs in this video. Pet psychic: hilarious, do it!

  11. Did anyone else notice the small orb of light moving near the top of screen from left to right during the early revelations on kooky Kristi Noem? Awesome.
    Thank you for sharing sweet Scarlett with us! 🦜

  12. Apparently, Noem used prison inmates to construct a $9000 black walnut desk with a gun holder for her office. Pam Aaralyn did some channelings of Jesus and his wife, Mary Mag. and was told they had five children. Two died in childhood.

  13. Kristi Noem, blech! What is it with these women (MTG, Lauren Boebert, etc.)? Is it just a power trip for them? Long ago, someone famous told me something that really stuck with me: we all put our pants on one leg at a time!

    Sending white light, healing energy and love to your neighbors. ✨🌟 They are fortunate to have you!

  14. A local watering-hole, which recently promoted Elise Stefanik for NYS governor, now has a billboard promoting Noem for president! 😱 Will, of course, keep positive thoughts in mind for your neighbor. πŸ™πŸ»

  15. Hi. I've recently found you and have been enjoying your video immensely! Your the himan cliff notes! Love it! 2 things, 1, have you every heard of Ashes' Tarot? I've also recently found her and really enjoy her readings, she offers so much support and around her readings, incestages, really does a thorough job, she reminded me of you. 2, if you look on Susan Lynn or Medium Kim 's channels they have both done show with pet psychics, and provide information. I'd bet you could get one of them to join you on a show if you were interested.
    Any way, I enjoy your shows, will keep watching!

  16. Raining Orbs yet again. Do you feel
    there energy in the room? Maybe
    You could do a reading on them.
    Healing energy to your neighbor and
    His family. Luv ya work Helen. I do
    Appriciate each video.

  17. Hi, Granny! Did you notice that there were orbs during your reading? About the middle of your read through to the end. At least I think there were… And of course I sent love and light to your neighbor. Does Scarlet have a lot of toys? They really do need something to do all the time. Thank you.

  18. Noem is nasty. She’s a scary one. Poor Jesus can’t get a break. The Bible seems to be created by a bunch of innie and outie votes. I always wonder what these big religious leaders think about themselves knowing most of what they spew is poppycock.

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