The Castle Welcomes Jimi & Rich Airey of Airey Brothers Radio

Airy Brothers Podcast – Please Help a Pimp Grow and Join the patreon dawg www.


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  1. Alex is such a great person. Such a fun informative positive progressive mindframe and message. You're tech "edgey" but that's just cuz they're ignorant and butthurt. I love your level of humor information open mindedness and confidence. Please please please please please don't stop we need you. Keep on keeping on…but don't just go solo. Yes your solo shit is great and important but GNN and baby truther are wonderful. They need you and you need them as a part of a bigger mindframe and information hive.

  2. Let’s see… You are inhaling smoke into your lungs… Over time… Yeah I know everything’s gonna be peachy in your lungs pustules

  3. Getting people to give up meat is part of the new world order. Achieving optimal health is as simple as eating high quality animal products and removing excessive toxins like vegetable oils which are 80% of the chronic disease epidemic

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