Nicole Kidman's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

When it comes to skincare, BAZAAR’s October cover star Nicole Kidman takes a simple “less is more” approach. Here, the ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ star shares …


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  1. El pelo de Nicole es genial, igualmente me encanta como le queda su color natural pelirrojo mas que el rubio. Su rutina es de lo mas normal que vi y su baño es soñado parece salido de un set de cine!!

  2. Nicole Kidman is actually one of the most talented, gorgeous, glamorous, and weird/unusual actors. She picks the most interesting projects and you can’t take your eyes off of her when she’s on the screen. Tip: watch even her less celebrated movies because she’s always a joy.

  3. A lot of naysayers, man. i am 38 but look in my late 20s. And i live in a tropical country with a lot of sun and my skincare is as simplified as hers. I also put on sunscreen religiously. The only thing i do and probably she does as well, is to have a dermatologist and aesthetician. They do a lot of the hard consistent work on my skin, so that I dont have to at home. The proof is in the pudding, and Nicole's skin is good at her age, so I believe that behind the scenes is something she does that is NOT covered in this short segment. But hey, we can't give away all our secrets now..

  4. I highly doubt it's authentic and it does not look realistic….she still totally ignored her eye makeup. I think my cat does better night routines and thorough cleanse. I'm so glad I usually do not watch these things, was just curious, so this is first and last for me. All just advertising and fake most likely.

  5. I am in LOVE with her bathroom and that gorgeous wardrobe in the background. I also like that she keeps it simple and it’s great to see her natural curls.

  6. I've always been aazed at how many celebs and supermodels you've had do these "bedtime makeup off routine" videos. Most women wont show their real faces for months since starting dating and they're not in the entertainment business or pro modelling. Where their looks are their money makers. More less. It's like a new trend. Some can get away with it…don't look hideous au naturale…no makeup on..

  7. She didnt take off her eyes make up properly… two to three facelifts , rhyno plasty, eyelift & brow lifts, and couple of fillers & botox works wonder but still makes her inconfidence to bare it all.

  8. You don't need a million products if you are genetically gifted with an unproblematic skin. Just a few everyday will do just fine. And being happy and at peace 🙏

  9. 🌿🌸🕊 she didn't take off her eye makeup, why ?? that's usually the most important, to not irritate the delicate eye area … would like to know what she uses for that. 🦋

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