Baby in “Roe v. Wade” Case was Never Aborted and Just Came Out Publicly

Shelley Lynn Thornton and her mother the late Norma McCorvey

The baby at the center of the controversial Roe v. Wade case was never aborted.

51-year-old Shelley Lynn Thornton just came out publicly and gave her first interview.

Her birth mother Norma McCorvey later spoke out against abortion and even cut an ad against Barack Obama, who in 2012 was the most pro-abortion president in history before Joe Biden.

McCorvey later in life admitted that she was not raped and used that as a reason to push for abortion to be legal.

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YouTube flagged the ad but it is still live.

The Daily Mail reported:

The woman whose mother’s wish to abort her became the landmark Roe v Wade case has agreed to give her first ever television interview.

Shelley Lynn Thornton, 51, was born in Texas before her mother, Norma McCorvey, won the right to an abortion.

McCorvey, who died in 2017 at age 69, gave her baby daughter up for adoption as soon as she was born,in June 1970.

McCorvey would win the case at the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973.

Thornton’s story was first told in The Atlantic last month and, on Monday, she will speak for the first time on ABC News.

In a short clip of Monday’s episode, released on Friday, Thornton seemed to remain mum when asked how it feels to be the baby that paved the way for America to legalize abortion nationwide…

…’I want everyone to understand that this is something I’ve chosen to do.’

The Atlantic tweeted the first photo identifying Thornton soon after the story was published and repeatedly through the day.

Thornton, a married mother of three, said her views on abortion are now complex, saying ‘I don’t understand why it’s a government concern.’

But she revealed that, when she fell pregnant at 20, she decided abortion was ‘not part of who I was.’

‘My association with Roe started and ended because I was conceived,’ she told Prager, whose book is published September 14.

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