September Empties! 2021

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  1. That Dr. Teal's container looks like it should be for protein powder!

    Okay, I also have a sample of Filling Good, so I cut it open to smell it. It smells like honey, not parmesan. I think you did get a bad one. 😝

  2. Gosh, Rebeca, you're a nurse, so I feel I can share. 😉 Mucus membranes and anything menthol or minty (peppermint)… I am so careful of. Our hemorrhoid creams (which yeah I need) that are without steroids went off the market, leaving only the one with steroids for sale. So I was looking for a new one to replace the one I still had without steroids, and the pharmacist (not her fault) got me something more natural. And yep, it contains peppermint. So, after applying I started to feel cold down there, then it started to burn and man, that cream was off of there in no time flat. It is only then I realized it had essential oils, and peppermint to boot. If I had known sooner (and actually read the box), I'd never have used it. I think essential oils and mucus membranes don't mix, but that's just me.

  3. Lots of people ditched the brand Deva curl for using ingredients that caused hair loss. One girl documented how she was losing hair bc of it and other people who purchased from Deva curl also shared their similar experience.

  4. A lot of people have accused DevaCurl of damaging their hair and causing hair loss. I don't remember if it was only specific items in the line but I think a lot of people don't trust their products because of that. There are a ton of youtube videos about the whole ordeal.

  5. Always great to watch empties videos! I’m also going through as many samples or deluxe size products through the end of the year. They accumulate so fast. I want them gone.❤️

  6. Check out quiet and roar body wash line at target the peach green tea one was amazing! My mom loved it so much while visiting me over the weekend that I have it to her lol I'll get more

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