This could be ASUS’ long-rumored RTX 3070 with Noctua fans

For months there have been rumors that ASUS has been working on the stuff of nerd dreams: an RTX 3070 GPU with built-in Noctua fans. This week, an ASUS employee in Vietnam prematurely posted images and information about the collaboration on Facebook. Wccftech first spotted the listing, and managed to download images of the GPU before ASUS took them down, giving us a good look at the chunky 3D card.



If you’re not familiar with Noctua, the company consistently makes some of the most efficient and quiet fans you can buy for a PC build. It’s also known for its signature brown and beige color scheme, which, as you can see, is on full display here. Oh, and the card looks like Noctua’s owl mascot. Good stuff.

The same employee who posted images of the GPU also said it would cost about 26 million đồng (approximately $1,100). In other words, it will very likely have a higher MSRP than the RTX 3070 Founders Edition, which ostensibly sells for $499 — but good luck getting at that price with the current global chip shortages. And that’s the GPU market in a nutshell at the moment. OEMs like ASUS know they can charge extra for RTX 30 series cards because the demand for NVIDIA’s latest GPUs is so high.

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