Off The Record: Should You Invest in Cannabis? (ft. Ritesh Rajan)

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  1. Indian guy son of 2 doctors selling weed is a bad look, especially if people are resorting to weed because of ah_ ole corrupt doctors and from NY????? Where Erin Marie Olszewski and Nicole Sirotek nurse whistleblowers reported on … makes sense he's on JKN, and a racistly said Niki Minage's cousin probably had an std or it was weed … guys not even a doctor and he's disparaging a black lady on healthcare … sus? Jkn racist Asians?

  2. I wonder if steve has tried the Howlin rays spiciest chicken. Cuz i ate half of a chicken tender and damm i almost went to the ER 1hr later. Shit is no joke, i can definitely eat it but my stomach and intestines could not handle it at all.

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