IMDb’s free TV service arrives in the UK

Folks in the UK looking for a show or movie to stream have even more options at their disposal. is now available in the country.

The free, ad-supported service offers a mix of originals and popular movies and shows from elsewhere, as notes. Alongside IMDB TV’s own projects such as Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary, Moment of Truth and Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers, you can watch the likes of Pulp Fiction, Anger Management, The English Patient, Person of Interest, Community and 2 Broke Girls.

You can access IMDb TV through the Prime Video app, even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member. A Fire TV app is on the way in the coming weeks. Standalone IMDb TV apps for Android and iOS , so perhaps they’ll be available in the UK later as well.

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