Dumpster Fire 69 – Nice

Is Nicki Minaj the new Fauci? Does Prince Harry have a future as a hair stylist? Who wouldn’t want a woolly mammoth? How does Bridget really feel about …


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  1. "AOC is just a younger more technologically savvy version of Trump." Ok while AOC has her talents, and trump has his faults, only one of them was actually able to be successful by producing things that made money

  2. Remember, this (aoc) is the chick who instantly HID her payroll so her offices didn't have to declare the taxpayer money grifting thru their fingers…..
    BTW, her butt is just as manufactured as her career…. heavy duty spanx under that white dress…. it DID look seriously "red rum"….🙄🙄🙄
    BTW, her dress maker is also in a wee-bit-o-trouble with the IRS….
    So much for taxing the rich….

  3. If it makes you feel any better, in Canada Justin Trudeau just wasted 600 million dollars on a snap election that resulted in two seats in Parliament changing hands (Bloc Quebecois to NDP). Time to vote with your feet ladies. Leave California in the dust.

  4. I'll bet the kid in the USB cord story was home school studying trigonometry and misunderstood the term chord for measuring a segment of the diameter of a circle… (nerd applause faintly in the distance)

  5. Great job! Cousin Maggie should make an appearance. Sammy needs to talk conspiracy stuff. I’m writing my manifesto on toilet paper like in V for Vendetta…..

  6. All of this is intentional distraction away from the Maricopa County Election Audit results which show clearly that the Arizona 2020 Election needs to be decertified.

    Hell, that's what the withdraw from Afghanistan was about. Sacrificing Americans so that people talk about that rather than coordinated election fraud.

  7. The only news I watch nowadays (around an hour a week total) is comedy-infused news like this and JP Sears and some others. Happy episode 69! And to quote Bill and Ted when Bill and Ted from a different time asked them their favorite number to prove they were indeed them: “69 DUDES!!!”

  8. Man, every now and again the leftie in Bridgit comes out.

    There is no platform too big to tell a self-identified anecdotal story regarding a vaccine. Nicki did nothing wrong in the world where people aren’t obsessed with platform size and credentialism.

  9. V injuries are obviously a thing. This ONE guy doesnt really make or break that. Good on her for speaking up admist mass censorship… how are you critical of this at all?? lol

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