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CFMEU protests turn violent in Melbourne | 7NEWS

Angry Melbourne construction workers are tonight in a standoff with police, following a violent protest over mandatory vaccinations on building sites. Hundreds …


44 thoughts on “CFMEU protests turn violent in Melbourne | 7NEWS

  1. The horrifying thing is. …. why are the govt officials hell bent on giving everyone vaccine? What's in it?



  3. It's the union that's the scum of the earth

  4. Threatening to close the construction industry.. Andrews is really working hard to be the most hated man in Australian history.

  5. Once again, the nobles vs the peasants.

  6. Burned the city, that's haw this bullshit coronavirus will disappear !

  7. Who is the man that kick the dog?

  8. No need to bloody kick the dog, dogs didn't cause this shame it wasn't a rottweiler that would taken a nip out of him that tough guy but only if it wouldn't get put down.

  9. People of Melbourne protest PROPERLY of go home …. look at the scum if one goes they all go …..but you protesters front line when u go the rest behind you run away that is why the scum wins everytime… you need a leader who you will protect monster what out number the scum 50 _1. Charge forward in line after line hands on person shoulders in front this will make your line stronger , charge forward run over them flatten them . Protest properly or go home simple

  10. Folie vaccinale du pouvoir .

  11. You call this violent??? Nothing compared to the HK protestors funded by the US govt.

  12. These are not tradies. they're meth head bogans who probably didn't pass year 10 and now act like they know better than the scientists hahahhahaah

  13. Should of kept your guns as government wouldn’t be in control the people with guns would be in control. Never give up your weapons of self defense as now they have you their slaves to do with you as they want. Maybe learn math 100 of the people against 1 who is controlling you. Think the 1 would win that fight even if has gun? Math works try it some time and take your freedom back as nothing else will.

  14. Simple house hold chemicals could be a game changer for you Aussies..

  15. O meu presidente, Jair Bolsonaro não se vacinou e não concorda com a obrigatoriedade da vacina. Porém, no Brasil o sistema de governo não permite que ele decida isso. Temos muiiitos políticos corruptos que estão obrigando as pessoas a se vacinarem. É uma jogada mundial. Controle mundial! Só Deus 🙏🇧🇷

  16. Good on ya union boss, you don't have to put up with these sooks.

  17. Everyone knows. Cops. Bash old ladys of. 73yrs. Lowdown dirty rats. Cops can only bash. Old. Ladies.

  18. @2:03 if that's my dog, your life is now forfeit

  19. Anybody in Australia need a install or something built lotsa qualified installation contractors just became available fuk you union you're over you commie fuks the tradies will never forget

  20. Good luck maintaining your city without the support of those who risk their lives every day to do so.

  21. Good the stormtroopers found other work

  22. More than half of the people aren’t even tradies

  23. Good for you for not removing comments.

  24. The dude @ 1:48 is a vampire out in the daylight somehow? Behold the daywalker ya bloody galahs.

  25. 02:37 He's terrified to death.

  26. Premier needs to walk the plank

  27. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER !!! good footage thank you 7 news

  28. The coward that kicked the harmless dog needs to be 'put down' ASAP

  29. why fxcking lie,it was the workers union,members came out of the building and started punching the protestors…then the police attacked the protestors,,you lying and miss leading TWATS


  31. bring back the good ole days of killing a politician


  33. I'm most disturbed by the doggo getting kicked by that absolutely piece of human garbage. WTF is wrong with him? I hope the crowd turned on him and reported him to authorities. I don't care what somebody says to you, you don't just kick an innocent animal FFS.

  34. Get up stand up don,t give up the fight

  35. The real footage and story see Avi who is showing the truth protesters are getting rubber bullets shot at them these construction workers have the right not to be vaxed biggest liers Australia media .

  36. I agree it should be a choice. But if you don't want the job you should say on a waiver form stating you refused public health care as well as the vaccine will stop you flooding up the public healthcare system and wasting taxpayers money. Spray them with pink dye and capsicum spray that way we know who they are

  37. Everyone is getting what they deserve they didn’t believe Jesus of Nazareth or the apostle John an now they will be forced to take the mark of the beast it’s coming around to you an families. This is nothing yet …. If only you would open the Holy Bible read 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-10 an Galatians chapter 1 verses 6-17 so you will escape the Great day of the Lord 😔

  38. And why did that idiot say they are scum of the earth??…because they don't wanna put a dodgy as medical "thing" in their bodies?….because they want their jobs&livelyhoods back??..does just wanting a normal life make them.scum????

  39. These scum antivaxers have shutdown the construction industry for 2 weeks… Families won’t be able to put food on the table. The government makes the rules. If you don’t want to get vaccinated then go see your doctor and get an exemption. Don’t riot on the Union office you fools, look what you have done now. If it wasn’t for your Union the construction industry wouldn’t have opened at all. Wake up to yourselves, the whole world is stepping up and getting vaccinated!

  40. Eh, you win when you don't pay all taxes.

  41. Not just them..every cuntry have a fcking minister

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