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Cannabis Farm Vlog: Private Reserve Gardens

Private Reserve Gardens supplies The Cannabis Refinery which is one of the most exciting cannabis start-ups in Oklahoma. It is owned by SplitDaWig and he …


35 thoughts on “Cannabis Farm Vlog: Private Reserve Gardens

  1. Where was your hair net they gonna fail testing because your hair

  2. More cannabis videos! Love it

  3. @driftor GUESS WHAT? You're still an @sshat!

  4. Hi, to anybody interested i can mail you weed and the type of weed that i have in stock usually change depending of each periods. And all parcels that i sort out are double vaccum sealled then wrapped in black carbon paper for the x scan then there is some few others steps that i wont talk about directly on here

  5. finally ….. please make more of these videos

  6. If you did that intro on my plants we would fight you probably just pollenated a few of those plants

  7. I really liked this vid it’s a good change, only thing I beg of you is to mic up the other people talking, it was hard to hear them ahah, apart from that great vid and happy smoking

  8. You the man bro,I’m here for all the cannibis blogs💪🏾

  9. Cool!! You're in my city!!

  10. China and Mexico want drug addicts to be dummed so they could take advantage
    Dopes for dopes

  11. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Wow driftor this was awesome I knew when I subbed to your channel some years ago we had something a little more in common than just plain old call of duty. Thanks for all the great content. (Coolness approved😎)

  13. Their too stoned i think we should get free samples.

  14. Use hangers to dry yah rooks 🤣

  15. Drifter let’s get some strain reviews!!!

  16. Drift, you should post more cannabis content. I love weed, but alot of the weed content creators on youtube dont really appeal to me. I would love to see more from you though!

  17. Seems like you know barely anything about cannabis;why are you touring a sketchy facility? 🤔

  18. bro was not expecting this my two hobbies growing weed and playing games

  19. Pothead drifter you change your youtube

  20. Do you by any chance know the pizza brand name

  21. @Driftor It was great seeing this kind of content from you, and learning a lil more about you, I never knew your name is Brad or that you support/like Marijuana, I've been watching you for years and plan to keep watching! Also I don't believe any "YouTuber" can make the variety of content you can make, in other words some content creators should stick to one thing, but you know how to make universally good content.

  22. Surely the bro Driftor can hook it up for the boys x


  24. Been watching this guy since 2011 I think or earlier and never thought he would be into the devils lettuce 😭 letsss goooo

  25. Watching this high is sooo good 🤤

  26. Very irrelevant, but what are your thought about the Large hadron collider? Some say ghosts can’t exist because the collider didn’t detect anything paranormal.

  27. i never thought i’d watch a driftor video like this 🤣

  28. hell yea bro we luv 2 see it

  29. Why did he cut the black guy out?

  30. Driftor be puffin lala!?!?!? Its littttt

  31. Should've gave him his own lav mic

  32. Poor people in prison for doing the same thing smh

  33. Car youtuber: buys a lambo
    Cod youtuber: builds a weed farm


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