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3 Stocks Ready To Explode! (High Growth)

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35 thoughts on “3 Stocks Ready To Explode! (High Growth)

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  2. Hi Jerry, just subscribed your channel. Hey man i want to invest 100k and double it in a year. What are my best stocks to buy?

  3. Dude thank you!! What program/site/app are you using which shows the charts in these videos?? It seems extremely useful

  4. Be very carefull with BILL. Insiders sold A LOT of shares last week for $219 🚩🚩🚩

  5. Buy BBIG planned short squeeze alert. Ill take part in this one, Its true if shorts get scared out it'll pop up hard, This is some kinda weird game but im in on this one,
    it has 60% short interest. Lets get it boys!

  6. Reliq Health RQHTF RHT.vis breaking out and heading to a billion market cap. Medtech thats profitable and hyper growth trajectory. This one is about to explode. Do you follow it?

  7. AVPT squeeze is coming. 180M outstanding shares. 4M Short. $15 year price target. Don't be late for take off 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  8. What do you think about nndm i bought massively under 6$ and they will make a big aqusition soon. They have no dept , 1,5 billion in cash.

  9. @Jerry, can you explain a bit about when you display "Sell Covered Call" label in your thinkorswim charts? Whats your criteria to show this label? Usually, I look for delta of 0.40 with IV of at least 70% but in this case, I noticed that you're showing label for INMD stock even when IV was not that high. Appreciate if you can tell us about the criteria you chose.

  10. Haven't heard of some of these, so for that matter, I am out! Kidding, but seriously, as a long term investor I am iffy!

  11. Thanks as always jerry

  12. Anyone in his discord? How you like it, how are the buy signals

  13. Could you review aqst sometime? You’re always fair and honest and it seems to be gaining a little hype. Thanks a lot Godbless you and your channel!

  14. GRAY is to the moon next week

  15. Continue postando os videos! Te desejo muita sorte com o teu canal! Siga postando os viideos!

    Grande abraço e fique bem!

  16. What do you think about aqst as a swing play? Been watching closely for a couple days. Thanks for the video. I like those plays as well

  17. Thanks for another great one Jerry! And what about Danaos? Are you still holding?

  18. Also don't forget Mrin

  19. How about Mmat n kava, the next strongest short squeeze candidates

  20. Wow PeggyAnne!! Amazing 🤩- wish I had your gusto!!!! Did you know it was a meme stock when you listed it on the JR4 list?

  21. What’s the 3 month PT on Navi?

  22. Aqst and bbig might take some power from sprt

  23. Jerry, sorry to bother u, but does Moomoo offer the possibility to buy fractional shares

  24. Jerry how do I get jr4 signals do I have to upgrade my membership? Or am I missing stuff. Does anyone know? I pay 30.00 a month not sure how to operate this at all -meaning what I signed up for. I feel so dumb

  25. I bought some BNTX after your analysis for about 50%gain, sold(rinse/repeat) and used gains to buy INMD after your analysis about less than a week and that's up 6%, I just swing trade these type of picks for $1000.00 and hopefully bank 10%, maybe rinse/repeat

  26. Just heard about sprt and aqst. Planning on buying into both Monday!

  27. Jerry your the man ! $zim is now my 3rd largest position ty sir. What else are you eyeing long term
    ? Looking to take a lose on Sofi

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