3 Stocks Ready To Explode! (High Growth)

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  1. Buy BBIG planned short squeeze alert. Ill take part in this one, Its true if shorts get scared out it'll pop up hard, This is some kinda weird game but im in on this one,
    it has 60% short interest. Lets get it boys!

  2. Reliq Health RQHTF RHT.vis breaking out and heading to a billion market cap. Medtech thats profitable and hyper growth trajectory. This one is about to explode. Do you follow it?

  3. @Jerry, can you explain a bit about when you display "Sell Covered Call" label in your thinkorswim charts? Whats your criteria to show this label? Usually, I look for delta of 0.40 with IV of at least 70% but in this case, I noticed that you're showing label for INMD stock even when IV was not that high. Appreciate if you can tell us about the criteria you chose.

  4. Jerry how do I get jr4 signals do I have to upgrade my membership? Or am I missing stuff. Does anyone know? I pay 30.00 a month not sure how to operate this at all -meaning what I signed up for. I feel so dumb

  5. I bought some BNTX after your analysis for about 50%gain, sold(rinse/repeat) and used gains to buy INMD after your analysis about less than a week and that's up 6%, I just swing trade these type of picks for $1000.00 and hopefully bank 10%, maybe rinse/repeat

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