David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash on "Déjà vu"

Half a century ago, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released one of the greatest albums of the rock era, “Déjà vu.” The record would sell eight million copies, but …


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  1. Interesting to see this album so hyped, when critics have consistently placed it in the shadow of the earlier album (despite selling so well). Nice to see Nash softening a bit, and no surprise that Young didn't participate — Neil simply does not look back, unless it reveals a new way of going forward.

  2. "David said something bad about my girlfriend…so we're never talking to him again!" Sounds like something you would hear in high school. All that "peace and love" stuff they were advocating in the early years was never going to last because they had no firm basis for it. Love as a sentiment is not real love! Great music though!!

  3. Truly one of the great rock recordings. I may not listen to it regularly but when I get the urge to there is not another
    record, tape or compact disc that can top it. Memories, good and bad, rush back.

  4. My older brother had 2 albums he played over and over in the basement while sneak-smoking some weed – Deja Vu and Toys in the Attic. I spent a lot of time in that dank! basement listening to those albums. Deja Vu is In my Top 3 all-time.

  5. "…Glancing blows…but they were continuous, and that tends to numb your skull, and you turn into numbskulls…"
    I'll never under-value a good psychologist, but Stephen just did a great in-a-nutshell analysis.

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