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Police Interceptors ❤️ Season 22 Episode 68 Full 6 Sept 2021

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8 thoughts on “Police Interceptors ❤️ Season 22 Episode 68 Full 6 Sept 2021

  1. I absolutely love that they get badges. It’s a wonderful incentive that costs very little, but obviously brings pride and joy to a hard working force.💜💜💜👍🥰

  2. So "stunt guy" thinks it's ok to threaten people on camera. He needed putting away, frankly, not a suspended sentence. I bet he was out there driving again soon after, despite a ban.

  3. its quite simple. If you get caught drinking and driving and are convicted you should be banned for life and your car crushed-after all, you'll never be needing one again

  4. I have the same BB gun. It isn’t gas powered it’s spring. Pretty good. Not ment to be used as a intimidating one tho

  5. Baby Ben should join the Scouts if he wants award badges.

  6. Peters a plonker 😂🤣

  7. The young lad who got caught for 3rd time drink driving, needs to be banned for life, he'll never learn. Great video thanks 💖😁

  8. I really love watching police interceptors ❤️❤️❤️

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