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How To Make a SUGAR-FREE Date Cake | Chef AJ LIVE! with Melissa from Wanna Date

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21 thoughts on “How To Make a SUGAR-FREE Date Cake | Chef AJ LIVE! with Melissa from Wanna Date

  1. What an inspiring young lady! For those who have tried this product, is it super smooth or does it have bits of "date skins" like a homemade version? Thanks for your help.

  2. I remember seeing the Shark tank episode and loved the idea! I remember her great arms too! Lol! I just ordered 4 jars and can't wait to try them all!

  3. Great interview! I just ordered 4 jars and can’t wait to try them ❤️

  4. I didn‘t know that shark tank was real. 😁 I saw it on a netflix series with Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin and they used all the people that were on this clip. Dates are the treasure of the desert.

  5. All the wet ingredients are not good when l have a kidney problem where potassium is the there any recipe suitable that you have?

  6. Hi chef a.j. are the spreads that Mellisa makes does she use organic ingredients? also does she use organic dates?

  7. Since Melissa said the new flavor is being released around Valentines Day "ironically" I am thinking red like cherry, strawberry maybe

  8. Melissa is so fun to listen to and so intelligent. I think a mint date spread would be good- would float my boat.

  9. Great show AJ. Love seeing young talent doing great things. Just bought all 5 flavors! Thanks again for all you do. Love your shows

  10. Fabulous! I just ordered a jar of each if the flavors and can hardly wait to try them. ❤

  11. Love this. Just a correction, stevia is a plant and the leaves are fantastic. The problem is when other stuff is mixed with it.

  12. Ordering these for myself & gifts 💚

  13. That's so cool that she started such a wonderful company 😀 a great recipe too 🙂 thank you so much <3

  14. I am going to give these jars as Xmas gifts. Thank you.

  15. Hi chef A.J. when will your book a date with dessert be available in book form?

  16. Thanks! Looks great!👍🏻😊

  17. Is it old? She kept saying 2020.

  18. Does Melissa make any raw desserts on her website?

  19. Hi chef a.j does Melissa sell organic products is the wanna date organic or is the dates that she buys organic when she makes her recipes?

  20. What a wonderful presentation and product. Looking forward to this, thanks for sharing.

  21. Love ❤️💐 you chef AJ.

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