Getting into Cannabis | Dreka Gates

Take a look at our new provision and cultivation centers in Cassopolis, MI. Come by and visit us! BE Provisioning Center 901 E. State St. Cassopolis, MI Follow …


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  1. Dreka, I’m from southwest Michigan myself and I laughed when you said people are probably thinking β€œwhere the heck is that” πŸ˜…
    It’s definitely secluded from the big city life but there is a ton a beauty and opportunity in that part of Michigan. I think it’s awesome that out of all places you chose to focus your business opportunity there. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. πŸ€™πŸ» enjoy SW Michigan

  2. 🀣I had the same experience with an edible! However mine was with a candy Nerd rope. And I thought the exact thing, why just take a bite? I'll eat the whole thing like I'd usually do. Worst feeling ever and NEVER again! Nah, I'm good

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