10 BEST and WORST Coffee Creamers For Weight Loss

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  1. I don't like the taste of almond creamers, almond milk. I like Nutpods, the toasted marshmallow and the cinnamon swirl are my favorite flavors. Since having to give up dairy for a variety of reasons, I've been experimenting with different coffee creamers. My favorite is Silk Half and Half with a tablespoon of coconut cream for the satiating feel or Silk Heavy Cream alternative, and I do go for the Barista blend Oatmilk in matcha lattes or espresso lattes. I've tried the Almond milk barista blend and it just doesn't do anything for me.

  2. ok so I have both the coffee mate and the other one…should I throw them out 🙁 or finish them and just not rebuy in the future? I am legit crying in disappointment that I didnt catch the trap

  3. Whole milk is better than skim? Also – what about Silk Coconut Milk Creamer for coffee? I live in Canada so I don't know a lot of the creamers you mentioned. I drink black coffee only for my fast but when I break my fast I like to have the Silk Coconut Milk Creamer…is this ok??

  4. I love organic valley half and half or heavy cream in my coffee,but I love the silk almond sweet cream creamer try to use a tiny bit in my coffee.

  5. Well crap. My morning coffee that I doctor up all healthy like (Laird Hamilton powder (Vanilla or Cocoa) and Vital Proteins…) and then add my dollop of Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla creamer, is no good?!?! But I LOVE IT!! I just read Jennifer Aniston’s interview on how she does her coffee and even she does a dollop of Coffee Mate!! So it’s got to be ok, right?!?! 😭😭😭😭😢

  6. What about Coffee Mate Natural Bliss creamer? It has 5 grams of sugar per 1 TBL so appears to be high in sugar. Can anyone share their experience with removing sugar from their morning coffee? Do you get used to it? How soon?

  7. Hi Autum, reaching out to you from Melbourne, Australia !!! I have been watching so many of your videos over the last couple of weeks and I have just made my first batch of your Chia Seed Pudding (break fast). I don't know how many comments you receive or read, but I wanted to reach out and say that after being very interested in my health for a long time, and always interested in the science factor, you have jumped out at me for someone I trust and believe in you. I think your personality and honesty has a lot to do with it. I am not over weight and I work out a lot, but your info about keeping our blood sugar levels low has been very informative for me, plus I enjoy your energy xxxx I have taken your advice about NOT snacking and am now making sure I am satiated and therefore dont snack…and you know what? it works, I lost .5 kilo this week!!! My question is I am worried about my mum who is 81 and has always been overweight. I have been giving her tips but do you have a programme I could purchase from you. She just had a hip replacement and the doctors told her she needs to lose 20 kilos. I would appreciate your help and happy to pay. Lots of Love Belinda xx

  8. Wait! I just realized something: My original Nutpod creamer won’t break my fast, right? It does not contain sugar or protein. Is that correct (big, hopeful smile)
    I’m lactose intolerant, so milk based products are out for me. Keto coffee is delicious, but I am trying to maintain my weight loss and mindful of my calorie intake.

  9. Thank's for this! I've been using those 'bad' flavored creamers for years, and finally started intermitant fasting a couple of months back…..only have a little heavy cream in my coffee now…..getting used to it!

  10. You guys have so many option!! Unfortunately the unsweetened almond, soy and oat milk available in those tetra cartons in Oz have added vege oil. People think they’re buying ‘healthy’ with unsweetened soy, almond or oat. BUT fail to recognise they all have added vege oil of some sort. I spent about 15 mins picking up all unsweetened brands in a major food store here and ALL had a veg oil added. Ordering a coffee here? Yep, they mostly use a ‘barista’ variety of these milks and yep that too has added oil. A lot of people think they are choosing the healthy option. Veg oil is the worst widely used carcinogenic crap and it’s snuck into so many so called healthy option foods. Oxidises the blood and causes bad ldl, inflammation (cause/base for all disease). I’m with you Autumn, make your own! Most places have heavy cream and if not, I just ask for a splodge of full milk. But also, if the only vice is your one cup a day and you’re in pretty good shape and the remainder of your diet doesn’t contain sugars/veg oil, then live a little! One can get bogged down and obsessive. Thank you for the video.

  11. I used to used sugar free coffeemate creamer, but it raised my sugar and I read the ingredients and saw it has corn syrup solids. I believe that raises blood sugar, so I now only use almond milk in my coffee while observing intermittent fasting. Is that a good choice? Thank you

  12. Autumn what about the super coffee brand – the entire line but relevant to this vid, their super creamer. It's what I love and use. I tried picnick thinking it would be comparable but was not. Super creamer is amazing and I'd love your review😉☕️☕️☕️

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