Special Announcement w/ Graham Elwood

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  1. I won’t be going. I can’t believe you two are going along with this. You are more at risk WITH the vaccine. Solution…don’t tour. This is a very selfish decision. You are just like the many other “entertainers” who are more concerned with their careers than with the restriction of our liberties in this country. You are now officially “good Germans”.

  2. Free speech is advocating for the people, not having to show (notvaccine) passport this saddens me that you do not understand what free speech is about. Shocking the day has come when Graham and Ron want you to- "show me your papers please"! WOW! This is just wrong! I've been to your shows, I've met you, and I have worked to get others to follow you and shared your videos! So you no longer want me, dido. Bye Bye! I'm fine with people getting the (notvaccine) but no one should be forced or coursed to put anything in their body in order to go to a show!! This is insane !!!

  3. lost some respect for you guys, Graham atleast your open to better science from NON government or corporate science people….their noise is a horrible distraction from misinformation of the rulers that are controlling their narrative….so its about getting the jab to support the economy or your lifestyle? we ALL have had to make personal sacrifices and will continue to do so….please stop…..Peace

  4. How come the US has more cases than any other country in the world – including India! They have four times your population, do not have vaccinations available and are largely poor.

  5. Florida hospitalizations are going down, we had a similar bump last summer. Media is hyping things more to fearmonger, but I get that you don't want to do constant touring for 3 weeks.
    Oh well, sorry I will not see you in Tampa yet.

    By the way, hospitals are not typically full as media tells us; part of what has happened is that BEDS ARE EMPTY but not staffed, and media says "full"! They lost staff because workers quit or got fired if they refused the vax, but media pretends it is from "so much Delta or Covid.

    Also, India has NOT done that badly, better look up real info! States like Uttar Pradesh (population 244 million) gave Ivermectin as preventive, had a small fraction of the deaths per million that the US had!
    (Also, Bolsonaro was installed as US puppet in Brazil, to help sabotage the BRICS coalition.)

    I am not vaxed, I am resisting even though I wanted to travel to 1-2 other countries this year, but I am forgoing seeing some family because I believe that there is a much bigger issue we have to fight. Not only bodily autonomy, but the vax "passport" tracking & control systems.

    As I tell people, the same people who LIE US INTO WARS for their profits are the same bastards who have plotted all this, because they have arranged BILLIONS from governments for vaxes and BILLIONS MORE FOREVER from many many governments for the vax "passport" systems, which are tracking and control systems to squash us so we can not rise up to stop the corruption, tyranny and inhumanity. Look up "Steve Hilton Naomi Wolf" to see a fairly short interview with crucial information.

    The people who have done this are sociopathic money ADDICTS and they will not give up until we MAKE them stop.
    (The Declaration of Independence says it is our DUTY to remove government that is abusive and despotic, and many people in many countries are seeing that these crazy people in power have ZERO ethics or humanity, and will never represent us.)

  6. The United States now needs to get all of its troops out of the other 5 wars that it is currently waging. These wars are not in the best interest of U.S. citizens or troops, and serve only to malivest trillions of dollars into the military industrial complex instead infrastructure, education and healthcare for the American people.

    Currently U.S. is in at least 5 wars, and has military operations in 134 countries.

    Definition of war put forth by Linda Bilmes (Harvard Kennedy School) and Michael Intriligator (UCLA), who defined war in a 2013 paper as:

    "conflicts where the US is launching extensive military incursions, including drone attacks, but that are not officially 'declared.'"

    By definition, the United States is at war in at least 5 places right now: Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

  7. of course don't ask a YouTube comedian for medical advice but when people casually say "talk to your doctor" when living in a country without universal healthcare… 🤬 pls stop.

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