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The 11 TOP Stocks To Buy Long Term (High Growth). Beast Mode Edition

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24 thoughts on “The 11 TOP Stocks To Buy Long Term (High Growth). Beast Mode Edition

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  2. AQMS aqua metals please! I think they have a huge recovery coming! Analysts upgrades

  3. Very useful long term picks, Jerry. In weird times, it is nice to have a vision of what dip-buying will pay off in long run. I think you are knowledgeable about natural gas. IS NATURAL GAS IN A BULL RUN? If so, what do you like? AR, BOIL…

  4. MGC Pharma has a Covid treatment coming out

  5. Looking forward to Jerry’s next video in response to today’s market pullback

  6. The best mode edition is the best edition.

  7. I'm happy to know that I had dkng and Pltr for 6 months now. Thank you for everything, your videos teach me so much, I hope soon I will be able to join your discord soon

  8. been buying grow gen at 25 not a bad deal

  9. Thank you for the follow up!

  10. The market sell off was on!

  11. Beast mode rock's 🤘

  12. Hi Jerry, many thanks for the beast mode, very helpful.

  13. So, I was thinking, are there any autonomous shipping tech companies out there yet? Seems like a great opportunity to buy autonomous boat stocks but every article I see looks very preliminary. Like when Elon musk was a kid and after watching the movie cars, had the bright idea to start Tesla one day.

  14. Jerry, does MOOMOO trade US OTC stocks as well as Hong Kong and China?

  15. ok, but what's your pick order? I mean at least first 3

  16. Jerry…I love your analysis and usually have no issues but I look at Palantir and I think I'm seeing some incorrect info. They have paid debt way down and continue to sign income source clients with a "bonus affiliation with each partnering". Just curious if you are convinced of your data?

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