The 11 TOP Stocks To Buy Long Term (High Growth). Beast Mode Edition

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  1. Very useful long term picks, Jerry. In weird times, it is nice to have a vision of what dip-buying will pay off in long run. I think you are knowledgeable about natural gas. IS NATURAL GAS IN A BULL RUN? If so, what do you like? AR, BOIL…

  2. So, I was thinking, are there any autonomous shipping tech companies out there yet? Seems like a great opportunity to buy autonomous boat stocks but every article I see looks very preliminary. Like when Elon musk was a kid and after watching the movie cars, had the bright idea to start Tesla one day.

  3. Jerry…I love your analysis and usually have no issues but I look at Palantir and I think I'm seeing some incorrect info. They have paid debt way down and continue to sign income source clients with a "bonus affiliation with each partnering". Just curious if you are convinced of your data?

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