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How To Setup Your Environment In a Perpetual Autoflower Grow

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40 thoughts on “How To Setup Your Environment In a Perpetual Autoflower Grow

  1. Here from Maryland……. Learn something every time I watch!!!

  2. Scotty I have to disagree I’ve been skateboarding long as I’ve been smoking 20+ yrs still go flow when I can showing up with new board is strain dependent if it’s a good skater you know they bout to have some pop from new board plus the art on bottom of board is always cool to look at

  3. I love your guys content and editing. Scientists I tell ya. Anyways I found out bug zappers use UV lights… so is this a two for one deal in the garden?

  4. 2.3 ec with micro is more than enough

  5. What percentage and distance are you running the hlg 600rspec

  6. I have a perpetual 6×6 I have been running for 3 years I have clone/seedling area above my flower area on shelves. I am curious to know if there is any non cannabis plant or plants I can put in my area to either keep bugs mainly gnats away or help concentrate them on the non cannabis plant or plants.

  7. Just want to tell you guys that Scotty has a great idea of 82 degrees being the ideal temperature for a grow. I have tried many temps and humidities and based on my tests it doesn’t matter the humidity but as long as you keep the grow temp at 80-82 degrees my plants and that’s all plants; perform very well. Thanks

  8. Not so much in the winter but hey I’ll take all the free water I can get

  9. I use dehumidifier water all the time for the whole grow works great, save lots of water that way

  10. one podcast with the jungle boys and the dude from athena and let me let u 4-5 ec had a great harvest

  11. The best part about the cloudline fans is how quite they are. Between that and led lights the tents are super stealth now ..

  12. Great show guys. Thank you from Toledo, OH

  13. Ky, in hiding still, these are crazy days

  14. Yes, do everything the same for teas

  15. Yo yo guys was wondering of grow talk PGR'S

  16. Thank you gentleman, very informative, interesting and entertaining

  17. That dude speaks knowledge! I have almost the exact style & set up, just a different nutrient line. 10 gallon bags, water every 4 days, 10 day veg from transplant to flower & add that Narley Barley from Build a Soil. #Happygrowing

  18. Thank you for the content

  19. Gotta check out cannabuzz, sounds dope. Great show yall

  20. Dude U gotta scuff the sk8 board back in the day so you slide evenly and don't slide straight off the pole and stack hardcore 🤘😁 you guys rock cheers 🔥💨💨💨

  21. Sprout the alfalfa seed then blend it up good and it to your brew bag

  22. Recharge is cool, but it's not Jesus of Nazareth cool. Jesus is the kinda guy to overwater the entire world and still save all the right strains.

  23. You guys rule! Hippy voodoo shit rules! So does Microbial Action! Lol thanks Dudes!

  24. Dont knock out-door grows the sun many times stronger then any LED know to man.

  25. ya most guys i see where micromoles,co2 isnt a limiting factor,plants seem to take it cus such fast growth cuz environment,but,im sure ya dont need that high ec,and can get same end product at much lower,but ive been shocked when i hear guys with the right cultivars,can really ramp shit up with 0 tip burn

  26. I also heard that you feed it 2010-20 then you test what comes out the bottom to see if the EC is correct then you will know it's getting enough for nutrients

  27. Bruce Bugby after decades of research for hemp production and food production for NASA considers a mix of 50% peat and 50% perlite the best. He mentions coco and says its good but he wants the premium mix and that means peat, perlite, and 40 grams of dolimitic lime and 10 grams of gypsom per cubic foot. The ph will be close to right on. and have calcium and magnesium and plenty of silica from the perlite.

  28. Its just how you feel when they crack your chest open for a bypass.

  29. Great seeing JR Tolkin on the show real treat. peace all DGC

  30. Scotty Real rocking it again!

  31. I heard Scotty doesn’t inhale?

  32. I normally feed my girls around 1200 ppm on the Amazon Scale. 🙂 Yep that's right I have no idea what you guys are talking about the 500 / 700 scale???? What's that and how can i tell witch my "Amazon bought" scale reads??? I am grateful for any help?!?!?!

  33. Scotty goin in about ec throwing birds was priceless 🙌🤘👍

  34. I'm at mid 40s on humidity through veg an flower and works just fine…

  35. Saying I am a mountain biker from Florida is like saying I grow with blurples.

  36. I saw Guru without a hat one time… it’s stained into my head

  37. Much love & respect for Dude, Scott & Guru! I always hit like before I even watch the show knowing it's great!

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