Green Thumb Industries GTBIF Stock Significantly Undervalued Marijuana Stock

If you are looking for undervalued marijuana stocks, Green Thumb Industries GTBIF stock is a significantly undervalued marijuana stock. Given the current profits …


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  1. Sometimes ranked as best in class operator, GreenThumb had about 3.5% market share of total industry sales in Q2 of $6 billion. And may very well significantly expand market share if their brand development striving pays off. Incredibles, Rythm, DogWalkers, and Cann.

  2. Another comment, what is interesting to me is that GTBIF generate more revenues with gar less retail licenses / Stores than most companies… they have low 60 stores generating 215M while TCNNF generate 200M+ with 90 sores.. in other words, GTBIF is very critical of which market and location they open their stores, thus generate more revenues, with fewer bricks and mortar…

  3. I agree with all points, except that as long as these stocks remain on OTC, we will never see 100x forward earning valuation. Need SAFE and up listing, then yes, institutional will poor in. Bought GTBIF at $16 and will not sell… also loaded on VRNOF below $12 and will not sell anytime soon.. thank you for the great videos.

  4. Hi DH, can you do an expose on Ayurcann Holdings, Toronto-area post-producer. Stock is a microcap, trading with very light volume. Listed in April and is already EBITDA positive. fiscal 2020 earnings were $600,000 and fiscal 2021 expected at $8.1 million. (Audited year end financials due out any day now). A real sleeper. Trades in Canada as AYUR.CN, has a Frankfurt listing and is waiting to go on the OTC.

  5. High PE ratio but could do $800 million revenue this year. Needs to show some improved earnings / better profitability in order to get big Institutional Wall St money. Federal legislation in this sector would help or the speed up of States allowing this sector to become a legitimate part of their economy.

  6. We can't ignore the fact that these stocks are all trading on OTC market and have ridiculously low volume with no institutional investment coming in. At the moment the market just does not care about the earnings. I am a huge believer in this industry and am putting my money in day after day. But in my opinion we should be very patient with these companies and hold them until the uplisting to NYSE or NASDAQ comes, which would allow all the institutions to jump in, and that's my friend when we will make huge gains. I'd say if you're looking to invest into these MSOS you should have about 3-5 years time frame. Great video btw always insightful to watch your videos!

  7. Next Green Wave Holdings down over 30% after earning announcement. I didn't think the earnings were that bad. Can you please give us your thoughts. Doubled my shares in the stock.

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