Beginner's Guide To Vegan Nutrition 2021

Every credible health authority in the world says that an appropriately planned vegan diet is suitable for everyone at all stages of life. But how exactly DOES one …


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  1. Amazing video! (as always)…. I've always fallen for the brainwashing about protein and even now find it hard to shake this and always fall back into thinking I need 1g per 1lb of overall bodyweight…. Then I find it really hard to eat that amount (plus feel like crap trying). So again I have dropped it to th 2g per Kg Lean bodyweight – I still find this hard to do mentally though due to a lifetime of brainwashing (I am 44). Why do you think it is that the 1g per lb of bodyweight is still lingering? Purely from the support industry trying to cash in combined with brainwashing over the years?? …………. What about fat Hench? How many g a day do you recommend? I'm currently 200lbs, at 25% body fat. Currently on a cut at 1,800-2,000 a day (I respond well to this usually), and having 40g a day of fat, 235g protein and 225g carbs. Any recommendations? Thanks mate.

  2. I've plateaued on my weight loss. I went plant based two and a half months ago when I started eating like my girlfriend who is an ethical vegan of 6 or 7 years. I managed to lose 35 lbs, it appears my huge beer consumption is what has to change now. I the TDEE calculator says 220 lbs muscular with 15% body fat is a goal I could shoot for with around 3,000 calories a day. That is only 60 lbs away. It's been ages since I have been 220 lbs maybe 10 years. I calculated the calories in drinking a six pack of 16 oz cans like I did last night and oh my, that alone is just about my daily calorie intake right there. Whole plant foods has taken me from 315 lbs to 280 lbs with my massive beer consumption, much less or dare I say no Beer will have me dropping the rest. Eating these vegan meals has me feeling so good that I've been up for partying like a 20 year old again. Whats the plan coach? Every time I want a beer should I do 10, 20 or 40 push ups instead?

  3. Thanks Paul keep up the great work my phone was hacked and glitching for a while finally am able to use it again. I'm enjoying some dogwood fruit that I foraged oatmeal and wild black walnuts this afternoon 🙂

  4. Super helpful as always! Been vegan for 1 year now and you where one of the first ones I came across before I made the change after being vegetarian for 5 months and said 'Ide never be vegan'. I think its great what you do for the animals. Thank you.

    Can we please please pretty please have a book to buy filled with lots of different recipes for high protein meals? I'm currently trying to cut ALOT of fat but retain muscle and unhappy at the amount of mock meets I'm using to try and meet my protein needs without insane amounts of fibre and not go too over the top with the vivo shakes lol.

  5. Brilliant information (as ever!💪) but I have no idea where to find a solid non-stick pan as I only seem to be able to find coated ones. Would really appreciate any recommendations/suggestions 👍

  6. 15:52 this is so important to mention. Many say just switching to a plant-based diet will make you feel better immediately but for some people it doesn't work that way.
    It may take a few weeks until the hormone self-regulation kicks in.

  7. Great video. Although I've been vegan for almost 4 years, this video was very helpful for me. I eat a wfpb diet but sometimes I eat mock meats. I have to stop because I don't want heart disease or stroke from the oils in them.

  8. Thanks for the educational video. It’s nice to have ethical vegans focusing on the nutrition. I mean the last thing we need is new vegans saying that the plant based diet made them have a decrease in healthy because they ate processed vegetable oil or having vegans day the diet made their hair fallout. That aging process thing in oil was very interesting. I’m definitely glad I’m steering far away from it 😃

  9. Excellent video. You've made me healthier just watching these! Since finding your channel, I switched to a predominantly wholefood plant based diet (the story of how I came to find your videos at a certain time in my life, I'll tell you another time). Now instead of just being 'vegan', I eat to benefit my body, and I'm finding that I'm able to deal with any health issues much easier and with positivity 🙂

  10. Thanks SO much, Paul! All your vids are awesome, but this one is super educational. The vegan vitamin d, is it by Vivo? I'm on rx d3, and had no idea I'm ingesting anything from sheep friends(I live at an animal sanctuary)who are my people 🥰 So that needs to change now. I've wanted to order some of your products but have no clue as to the conversion to dollars. I'm clearly playing stupid and not playing 🤣
    Thanks for all you do! 🙏

  11. I'm a vegan for ethical reasons but started to watch your videos and consider my health as well. What is your opinion avocado oil? I see you don't recommend oil but also listed avocado as a healthy fat source. Thanks for the videos .

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