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10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Start an Online Business

A lot of niches suck because they’re too competitive and they’re not profitable. Today I’m going to break down the 10 most profitable SEO niches to start a online …


48 thoughts on “10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Start an Online Business

  1. Hey neil! Can u please suggest me if sports wear a good niche?

  2. Hi neil, what about programming……

  3. How to find customers and what they are looking for?

  4. Hi, I just followed you because I heard much about you. I'm confused how to choose my Niche. I'm an Mphil scholar, did Mphil Applied Linguistics. Which niche is good for me. Kindly help me out.
    Thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing, Neil! Your videos are always helpful! Lots of people will benefit from these profitable SEO ideas. There’s a lot of competition nowadays – it’s good to know that there are still SEO niches that still offer high chances of profitability.

  6. Your contents are amazing bro👍

  7. How to do seo of news website?

  8. Good niches ….thanks for the tips Neil

  9. Thank you so much for all these information. Have a nice time ahead and spread the Knowledge.

  10. What about agriculture niche?

  11. The first 4-6-7-8-9-10 already there. I really don't want to sell CHEAP. #5 Solar Panels explained first. Thanks handsome!

  12. Gracias por tu información Neil. Siempre de mucho valor. Soy usuario pagado de tu plataforma y asi lo considero. Saludos

  13. My client needs some SEO work so this is a fantastic video Neil thanks!

  14. Content are Nich and high quality .,
    Neill patel is expert and youtube video's are free from advertising ✅
    Thanks dear Neill

  15. Thank you, Neil; you always give great advice.

  16. Great information. Thanks Neil

  17. Outstanding Information Sir.

  18. Is stock investment niche profitable

  19. Thanks Neil. Would love to see a deeper dive that showcases some of the data behind these.

  20. I was thinking software was one of the most profitable niches. Is writing about software a profitable online business? Your answer is earnestly anticipated. Been following you for 4 years now.

  21. Hey Neil stop giving away all my good niches 😂

  22. Does your agency works with someone who wants to start an online business but don't want the headache of learning all of this and then learning from trial and error

  23. Really good niches. Sometimes it's good to make your research prior to starting your business. Make sure it's profitable one with a potential to grow!

  24. This is soooooo good — I’m sharing it with my friends and online group. Thx to you and your team!

  25. This is some really great content, keep up the good work!

  26. Hey Niel, is mental health niche saturated?

  27. How to learn seo practically

  28. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  29. Neil, I've followed you a long long time and I had a question about SERP that I've not been able to really find any answers for. If a SERP is a page full of Amazon listings, is that a sign of no content to fill that search or is it because Amazon has just shut down the competition and own that search term?

  30. These are some great niches but what about emoney and cryptocurrencies. There is a lot going on with crypto. Do you this crypto and nft is something worth trying??

  31. Will content blogs get your keywords ranked alone

  32. Hey neil, is parenting/raising children a good niche for bloging?

  33. Sir I'm applying for you interested in buniness job

  34. Sir I'm interested in buniness job

  35. Hi Sir,

    Need to ask can we begin affiliate marketing with podcast if don’t wanna start with blog?

  36. Sir first of all thanks for your reply

    and my question is that what can i do to prevent stuffing keywords.

    Sir i dont stuff keywords so thats why my keyword density is also around 0.5.

    So please tell me a way to increase that and without stuffing any keywords

    Focus keyword with volume

  37. SEO is very interesting tips

  38. Sir, is online business really profitable? And which business model is profitable for to start 🤔

  39. Sir, how different is online business compared to offline business because experts says online business grows very fast.

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