Top Secrets From A Preventive Heart Doctor

Top Secrets From A Preventive Heart Doctor Joel K. Kahn M.D. • • Book – The Plant-Based Solution: America’s Healthy Heart Doc’s Plan …


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  1. FYI anyone who claims food plant based diet are the ones who are working for the Cascade inc. or Gates monsondo Beyer who poisened food supply killed bees took nutients out of the land. Made us all sick and Animal.

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  4. I got covid February 2020. Was sick as hell for a month. Couldn't shake it kept getting sick again and again. Then had a heart attack at 35. They put me on tons of meds. I ate clean,excercise daily. No more meds and my heart is now classified as athletic.

  5. Joel khan has the right info, felt very sick all the time and couldnt sleep well until i cut out animal products and took 50 supplements. No one talks about all the supplements you have to take if you want to go vegan and not feel like your turning into a ghost but theres alot more than just b12. Every video about being vegan should include taurine and beta alanine as well as the vitamin b12 and multivitamin.

  6. Wonderful, so enjoy all this information from such respected , caring Doctors’s. I try to absorb it all but will listen a second time to catch what I might have missed first time round. Many many Thanks to all. Sarah

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