How to Fix your Shaky Aim

Here are several tips to help fix your shaky aim when controlling the mouse. If you found these tips helpful, check out my full video course on improving your aim …


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  1. Hey!
    Think I remember you talking about a wrist warmer that you used when sleeping in a previous video?
    If I am correct, what product was it and did you find it helpful?
    Take care

  2. i had super shaky aim when i raised my sensitivity. I found that training my tracking in aim trainers was super helpful in training my stabilization muscles in my hand instead of doing gridshot or flick tasks that almost promote your aim to be fast and shaky

  3. To me my shaky aim isn't due to me being tense or stressed out, to me it's more like a habit I developed over the years in order to look flashy. Back then when I used to play csgo which was like a year and a half ago, I was such a xantares and furiosss fanboy and wanted to be like them, thus I replicated their shaky aim and it kind of carried on with me even in different games like Apex, PUBG, R6, Battlefield and Valorant. I still have shaky aim till this day lmao.

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