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Binoid Premium HHC Sunset Sherbert Review – The Sweeter Spots

As a medical cannabis patient, I’ll let you know exactly how HHC gets a real marijuana smoker. ⬇️ Get Your Binoid HHC Cart Here …


25 thoughts on “Binoid Premium HHC Sunset Sherbert Review – The Sweeter Spots

  1. Yessir bro hit us with the face reveal great to see you 10 steps ahead of the trend HHC seems like sum I might try it took me a while to get to THCO lmao great review stay safe bro 💎🥳first btw lmao

  2. Is it necessary to hold it in for that long? When I vape I inhale for about half as long as you, then inhale some extra air on top, then breath it out. It looks tough to hold it in like that, I think I'd cough for 20 minutes straight lol. Am I just doing it wrong? (haven't tried hhc, just delta 8 vapes. Bought a hhc tincture bc I'm super curious about the effects of ingesting hhc)

  3. So whats stronger hhc or thc-p because I ordered hhc from utoya I trust them and tried their thc-o flower it was gas ⛽ bro

  4. Do they ship to the not-kind states?

  5. Bought the “Gorilla glue” HHC one let’s hope it’s worth it.

  6. Funny as hell. Subbed. Keep em coming!

  7. Hey bro is it a stronger high than d8? How is the high compared to a joint of some Kush ? Like solid high blind test could u tell the difference?

  8. I've also seen THC-P and THCV from Binoid. Can you eventually review these as well. Thank you

  9. What about the anxiety, and paranoia that a lot of people experience from regular D9 cannabis?

  10. Another good unbiased review.

  11. Is it worth trying if you already live in a legal state and already have D9?

  12. Hey mannn love the vids. Delta 8 is a godsend. U gonna grow alot bro

  13. Great video man. Hope to see you on with Ian Mr Leafy and Karnage202 again 💯 I'm getting a Distillate of D8 D10 Thc-O HHC 25% of each gonna terp it with strawnana and a batch of Grandaddy Purple 💯

  14. Thanks for the review

  15. try more flavors bro!!

  16. just ordered as i watch lmao good review bro

  17. Been waiting for this review hell yeah.

  18. "tAsTe GoOd" LMFAOOOOOOO

  19. Bruh ur funny asf, subscribed

  20. How would you compare this with thc-o

  21. 5:40 literally made me subscribe lmao

  22. Got my 8 pack of HHC from them comes this week <3 excited to try im burnt out on THC-O already and its so new 😛

  23. Damn I been wanting to get the delta 8 but it seems like I might have to get this one instead. Good looks on putting me on man

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