Binoid Premium HHC Sunset Sherbert Review – The Sweeter Spots

As a medical cannabis patient, I’ll let you know exactly how HHC gets a real marijuana smoker. ⬇️ Get Your Binoid HHC Cart Here …


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  1. Yessir bro hit us with the face reveal great to see you 10 steps ahead of the trend HHC seems like sum I might try it took me a while to get to THCO lmao great review stay safe bro 💎🥳first btw lmao

  2. Is it necessary to hold it in for that long? When I vape I inhale for about half as long as you, then inhale some extra air on top, then breath it out. It looks tough to hold it in like that, I think I'd cough for 20 minutes straight lol. Am I just doing it wrong? (haven't tried hhc, just delta 8 vapes. Bought a hhc tincture bc I'm super curious about the effects of ingesting hhc)

  3. Great video man. Hope to see you on with Ian Mr Leafy and Karnage202 again 💯 I'm getting a Distillate of D8 D10 Thc-O HHC 25% of each gonna terp it with strawnana and a batch of Grandaddy Purple 💯

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