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PawPaw Reviews Nighttime Blueberry Rings from Happy Hemp 01

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24 thoughts on “PawPaw Reviews Nighttime Blueberry Rings from Happy Hemp 01

  1. Thank You Paw Paw!! Blueberry is my favorite!!!

  2. Blueberry sounds very nice. Wonder if they will ever do an Elderberry Flavor.

  3. Hey Pawpaw another good video glad you are doing ok

  4. Blueberry sounds good too!

  5. Hope Karen is feeling better. It's so nice of her to provide these products for the contest.

  6. Wish I could smell those blueberries when you hold them up to the camera….

  7. It's good to not hurt. Jayman…

  8. I love Happy Hemp CBD infused Sugar Free Blueberry Rings, at Nighttime.

  9. Hi not sure about blueberry taste but I bet they have other flavors as well

  10. Rings blueberry yep

  11. Blueberry is my favorite.

  12. I see those are 1500 mg. I bought the 750 daytime. So how's those working out for ya?

  13. Good deal for diabetics bet that soybean good for too

  14. Blueberry sounds good

  15. I am willing to bet that those Blueberry Rings are fantastic.

  16. Happy Hemp has a lot of good products. Nice to see you pain free and awesome that they give your subscribers a chance to win some great products. Thank You Happy Hemp.

  17. Think they would make for a beautiful tomorrow!!

  18. Great taste, great slumber….. my oh my —- Love 'Ya Paw Paw !!!!!

  19. These were so good you did the same video twice! Lol

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