Left Wing TV Producer Claims NBC’s Chuck Todd Is A ‘Republican Plant’

A producer for the left wing ‘Daily Show’ has accused NBC’s Chuck Todd of being a secret agent for Republicans.

This is laughable.

Conservatives have been complaining about media bias from Chuck Todd for years, he is one of the worst left wing hacks on TV.

FOX News reports:

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NBC’s Chuck Todd trends on Twitter after Daily Show producer claims he is a ‘Republican plant’

NBC anchor Chuck Todd trended on Twitter after a Daily Show producer accused him of being a “Republican plant” on Sunday night.

On Sunday, Daily Show producer Matt Negrin posted a lengthy Twitter thread discussing the “Meet the Press” host’s habits. Negrin personally took offense to Todd’s inviting Republican politicians to discuss topics on his show.

“DEMOCRATS BANNED: @chucktodd once again invited only Republicans onto @MeetThePress. Chuck Todd booked Bill Cassidy to push GOP talking points and refused to have a single Democrat on to balance him. Since Jan. 6 Todd has booked the following Republicans on shows with 0 Democrats,” Negrin tweeted.

He continued to suggest that Todd is actually a “centrist Republican” who pushes right-wing talking points to an audience.

“Meet the Press presents only GOP viewpoints because it’s hosted by a centrist Republican who despises liberals and wants to use his influential platform to let his Republican friends brainwash your family into thinking the GOP is good. He refuses to give Democrats a fair rebuttal,” he tweeted.

See the tweets below:

Maybe this is one of those conspiracy theories the media is always talking about.

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