Android Auto can now realign Google Maps for right-hand drive cars

Google has released a handy update for folks with vehicles where the driver sits on the right. The platform’s version of now shifts turn information and navigation bar closer to the driver.

Whether you have a left-hand drive vehicle or right-hand drive vehicle, the user interface will have more optimal orientation, Google says. As such, Brits, Indians, Aussies, Japanese drivers and those in the other dozens of countries where traffic moves on the left might find it a touch easier to reach the relevant buttons and enter a destination.

Maps will automatically switch the UI’s orientation in right-hand drive vehicles, though you’ll soon be able to return to the default look if you prefer. It’s a relatively small quality-of-life update, but it’s a thoughtful one. Google says the latest version of Android Auto also fixes some right-to-left language issues in the Maps app.

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