Paradise CBD -Skywalker OG CBD Flower Review

Here We Take A Closer Look At Another CBD Flower / Strain From Paradise CBD There Skywalker OG Coming In At 26% CBD Percentage Skywalker X OG …


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  1. Ey up mate … I’ve just ordered the strawberry /bubblegum/skywalker I like a very head strong feeling so looking forward to this mate … have you tried these others from them … the mango was a little damp but was ok for the price …

  2. Brilliant review mate, just subscribed keep the vids coming. Came across your channel on reddit as I've been looking into CBD a fair bit recently as doctors are shockingly unhelpful. I've noticed you mention certain strains helping with insomnia which is a huge struggle for me, really beats me down some days. Is there any specific strains you could advise me to look for specifically to help with Insomnia? Or strains to help with anxiety and to help relax?

  3. Oh forgot to mention but my Skywalker og smells like gassy earthy pistachio scent that I'd describe it as and I reckon snoop dogg would be proud LOL but perhaps they're slightly different batches or just our subjective sense of smell? Still love it. I'm going to crank a vid out next week leaving it to cure up in my masons! See ya in the next one bud! 🙂

  4. Hi mate try get the Pineapple from there, there picture doesn’t look like organic. uncleherb pineapple is the one but dout its from the same seller…uncle is dear ,hope i can get same at cheaper price! Uncle does micro buds aswell 120 oz. big buds 210. thats to dear for me

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