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In this episode Ryan shows you how to do a Smash without a bag on the Nugsmasher® Mini. **21+ Educational Purposes Only** **Nothing For Sale** *This …


16 thoughts on “NO BAG SMASH

  1. You could make a new package promo $35 product of a NS t put inside a NS blender bottle 🤓⬛️💯

  2. how do u know what temp to put it at?

  3. Should we expect another new, better Nugsmasher within a year or so?

  4. You ever just raw dawg a smasher? No bag, no parchment, just smash?

  5. Great Content
    I need to get to this level

  6. Great tips Great video Great concert u the man

  7. wish You greeeeat day 🙂

  8. You guys are awesome

  9. That's how I do it every time

  10. Old school smash tek!! You guys over at nug smasher know your sh!t

  11. Man people who show you their pot on YouTube always high. Thats how you know its good.

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