Missing Jelani Day – Gabby Petito Update

truecrime #coldcase #bobbiejoeoberholtzer #GabbyPetito #findGabby #jelaniday “Four people were found dead inside an abandoned SUV in a Wisconsin …


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  1. it’s sad how when you covered jelani day, you jumped around made jokes, responded to people in the comments but didn’t strictly just produce the commentary on him missing & all the information involved in the case i had to keep skipping just to get to the point. you should cover the african american people as professional as you cover the caucasian people.

  2. Thank you for covering Jelani. 💜 I'm from where his car was found in the woods. It's a location in the middle of two small towns. There are huge state parks around where his car was found and endless miles of wooded areas, yet they chose the middle of Lasalle/Peru. In my opinion, it's very likely that whoever put the car there has been to Lasalle/Peru before. It seemed like they ditched it quickly in the woods there and then could have walked to somewhere in either Peru or Lasalle or they may have been picked up by someone else. The case is very unusual and somebody had to have seen him or his car between the time at the dispensary and and time his car was found.

  3. Probably the worst way to go about this ministry… Leaving everyone in the dark to assume… They could’ve at least plotted some fake shit to keep our minds in one place

  4. Thanks for covering the Jelani Day case. I'm baffled by where his car was found. His clothes in it. I wonder if someone else was in his car when he went into the pot store. Hmmmm

  5. I have a question. Why didn’t the girl go to police before tiktok lol. That’s evidence that fbi or police should hear and keep private. Or is it just me ?

  6. Man I hope this kid doesn't do himself in or else Gabby's family may never get peace. It seems to me she may have been alive when he got that ride from that couple because why would he tell them where he was and have them drive back to the van, it seems the only reason he stopped them and got out was because they started heading SW instead of SE towards where the van was parked, had they headed SW instead I wonder if he would have had them take him to the van, if so that would seem quite an odd thing to do if he had killed her around there, why take people to the crime scene and where they might wonder where she was when they got there and start asking questions, doesn't make sense he would put himself in such a position.

    If she was alive then maybe she wasn't there when he got back but then why head back home and say nothing instead of looking for her which leaves only a few options, maybe she was alive but then when he got back to the van they had a fight and he killed her or abandoned her, maybe he found her dead there and freaked out and left or maybe they left together and he killed her somewhere on the way home to Florida. Lots of maybes and speculation I know.

  7. I am with Gray that Jelani changed clothes. The most obvious answer to me is he didn't want his nice clothing to smell of cannabis vape so he changed to keep his nice clothes fresh for class.

  8. What if Gabby locked Brian out of the van on that day that he was hitchhiking and it made him angry and he retaliated once he finally found his way back to the van. He then panicked, dumped her body somewhere and drove to Florida.

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