Bright ideas put forward to revive the Brisbane CBD | 7NEWS

Free transport, an entertainment arena and the return of Fridays in the City – these are some ideas to revive Brisbane’s CBD. Our brightest minds in business are …


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  1. Greedy landlords in Brisbane , charging tenants over $ 9,000 a week for tiny floor space in food courts and want them to put their homes up for security in case they can't afford to keep paying the high rents

  2. I believe that method to bring people back into the city shopping is no mask mandates , free parking, late night Friday and Thursday trading hours such as midnight. more events such as spend $100 AUD get free coffee or drinks etc.

  3. Businesses signed on to the national rollout providing a boost to the vaccine takeup.Because,of occupational health and safety regulations-employers, employees and customers will all be included.
    Chin up everyone, freedom is just around the corner.

  4. Absolutely brilliant the Christchurch city Council here in New Zealand could learn a lot from this common sense. Great way to get things going not just cracking on some ridiculous plan like our lot.
    Brisbane miss popping over Willy nelly beautifully place, the council worker on the streets taking a pride in what they do seems to always be neet and tidy. All the best in your recovery I’m sure you’ll do a great job and hope to visit sooner rather than later.

  5. Drop the conjob19 scam and things will get back to Normal.
    It just goes to show how an economy can be propped up. The world economy should have collapsed into a hole by now, but the scumbag elite are keeping it propped up so they can slowly collapse the economy in line with the collapse of society.
    There has never been a need for recessions or depressions. These are control and conditioning mechanisms alongside war and medical paradigms.
    The whole game is rigged.
    And how is it pushed onto us. The media.
    Switch off.

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