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40 MIN KILLER BOOTY & CORE Workout – Lower Body & Abs – With Weights – No Repeat

Hey team, 40 min Booty + Core Burner incoming! This one is a KILLER workout! Get ready to feel the booty and abs BURN! We are toning the glutes and abs, …


36 thoughts on “40 MIN KILLER BOOTY & CORE Workout – Lower Body & Abs – With Weights – No Repeat

  1. We did it again!!!!! I REALLY LOVE IT !!!!!!!

  2. loved the finisher!!!!

  3. I love your workouts. I tend to curse at you though at around 70%-80% completion. But everything is good when it's cool down time.

  4. Awesome workout. The combination and the variety is kickass

  5. Thank you for the amazing burn out! 💪 🔥

  6. Incredible workout! 😘💛💚🇧🇷

  7. Can you provide bosu ball workouts

  8. Omg booty on fire 🔥 love the ab exercises especially the v tuck up. Thank you for this workout the weights add an extra burn x

  9. Hey anna this workout was awesome i luv it 🥰 i want it to try your new workout of tabata that came out one day ago but it says it have been deleted i hope u can put it up again 🙂

  10. Hi Anna, I love Your workouts and 99.9% time I choose yours over others. But since I do them in a gym, I cant really listen to my own music along your video. So my only complaint is some of the music. The song that starts at 30:53, I cant explain how sick of it I am at this point😂😂

  11. great thank you so much

  12. This is my first workout in a month as I was not allowed for medical reasons to do anything! I used to workout with you all the time and holy cow, getting back into it is going to be very difficult. I had to stop a bunch when I normally wouldn’t have to. Definitely humbling and I just have to retrain my body. A bit of a bummer but I’m going to focus on all the amazing things my body is capable of and try not to be so hard on myself! So for anyone else struggling today, you aren’t alone!

  13. Hi! Could you make a video about your transformation but i english?🥰

  14. Good to see you're human in those squat pulses. Because I thought you had super powers. Sometimes weaknesses are more motivating than strength.😉

  15. I have been doing your workouts for weeks now and I absolutely see the results. One thing I really like about your workouts is that I have lost weight AND gained muscle at the same time!
    Thank you so much🙏🏻❤️ You are amazing!

  16. Bucket list is to do this entire workout without taking breaks!

  17. The blue outfit again! Oh no! Super hard work out coming our way! 💪❤️

  18. Hell of a workout! Kept me sweating for a half our after training… Keep on making those great videos Anna!

  19. Gracias excelente 👌muchas ,muchas gracias

  20. Love it, you are amazing, let's do this now!!!!!! 🥰 thank you

  21. 🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰amazing…..I always follow your workout…..

  22. How many calories should this workout burn ?

  23. Just loved the booty burner and generally how tough it was even for regular exercisers/fit bodies. You are awesome and keep these great workouts coming!

  24. i watched your vids since 500k and wow nearly 1 million you are so lucky

  25. Well done !!! You are so strong

  26. hi , i'm from indonesia, i have a request, when you doing cossack side squats, i want to see a video from the side, so i know what the correct upper body position is when doing it,, thank's

  27. I really enjoyed this!!!

  28. Thank you so much for this workout! I've been trying to get back on track for a long time now so i just did it and let me say the burn was insane! a little to hard to start with so at some point i just made it a little easier but i completed it anyway, can't wait to get back to it in a couple weeks to see my progress!

  29. Thank you Anna, you killed me and I loved it!!🔥💪😅

  30. wow, so viele videos! cool!

  31. Love your workouts…💪💪💪so good

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