The Mystery of the $200 Million Drug Bust | The War on Drugs

This is the story of how the biggest cash bust in the history of the War on Drugs never uncovered any actual drugs. In 2007, federal police raided the Mexico city …


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  1. America locks up drug offenders rather than helping them. The only ones who can afford actual life changing good rehab are usually the very rich alone… and meanwhile China and other Asian and European countries are selling lab made precursor chemicals daily under different names to hide from Interpol and nato …. And countries like Mexico buy huge quantities every day and they make fentanyl and then they ship it over the border and then kill people here in the United States every day and all we do is lock up our drug attic‘s this is an endless cycle and they won’t stop until we get real and go after the source which is the precursors

  2. It is true that you can use casinos to launder money but you'd have to be doing it on the scale he was doing it, basically. They're onto everyone else trying to do that sort of thing though. Eventually they're gonna be like "OK where are you getting this money from?"

  3. I figured that laundering money through the casino is still very easy. I can meet up at my local casino with cash, and play a few games, and literally take the rest of the money, and ask them to pay it to my account. But I am sure the police already knows this technique all too well.

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