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New World Beta Complete Beginners Guide: Things You Should Know Before Playing & New World Tips

New World Beta Complete Beginners Guide: Things You Should Know Before Playing In this New World Beginner Guide I want to give you a ton of information …


36 thoughts on “New World Beta Complete Beginners Guide: Things You Should Know Before Playing & New World Tips

  1. New world seems like the next step of runescape and it has me hype. This is the first mmo I'll get to start at the same time as everyone else and not years later.

  2. Don't buy low level home. You get a first time buyer discount so save it and use it on the best house. Normally 20k, 10k with the discount.

  3. holds life staff


  4. Oh, cant wait to powerlevel from 1 to max in literally 1 day because its that easy….

  5. Will pvp feel like Dark age of camelot from back in the day?

  6. Can other people attempt to gather the same node you are already gathering? That would suck if so.

  7. If you have the campfire skill you can also bind to anyone else's camp and rest there to replenish your HP. Just keep in mind this camp can disappear so for respawn its better to have your own camp.

  8. 1:32 what did you say here?
    "Make sure to press control/ctrl"? What happens if you press ctrl? sorry I'm a noob

  9. seeing the whole place purple make me feel like the game has balance issues

  10. is it possible to trade people?

  11. I am ready to buckle my seat belt, put my tray in the upright position, properly stow my carry on and get to playing some NW. I know this guy's aircraft has an awesome wi-fi connection.

  12. Is there any reason for a pve player to choose any other faction than purple?

  13. The game is just crap, I won't even buy the standard or deluxe. The game itself is just copy and paste from what other games we've seen in the past, there is NO new mechanics, I rather play Black Desert instead of that garbage.

  14. 6:30 Its 250 gold and 1000 pvp tokens, not 1000 gold. I highly recommend you do it via that token as the trading post bags are way overpriced.

  15. I never figured out if weapon passives only applied when that weapon was active.

  16. how long do nodes take to respawn?

  17. Use Water that have a 10 second heal over time effect. It's free and infinite no more hp problems for life!

  18. Should you move to the faction held territory that you belong to?

  19. its a running simulator

  20. I don't think potions are that rare. Quick trip near a river to get the bulwark there and some water easily net you dozens of t1 pot you can spam all you want

  21. wow this game looks like shit

  22. thx mate that helps a lot

  23. Stay away from this game. You will eventually be banned because you beat someone in pvp or say something that someone finds offensive.

  24. Seems very similar to BDO

  25. CANT BELIEVE HOW MEDIOCRE THIS GAME IS ! all that hype for this….

    Played the beta these past few days. i mean i waited for this for so long and the game is just meh. BARELY meh.

    Feels like it's ESO re-released. Not that eso is bad, but eso released 7 years ago ffs. this is such a disappointment

  26. Yeah this game just doesnt look good to me

  27. Great guide! Definitely going to skip this game.

  28. This looks quite good. Are there still issues with pay to win type stuff?

  29. With the latest patch there is no difference in gear other then cosmetic for the factions. The only thing that matters when picking a faction is what you want to look like and who you want to play with. The scaling was also changed with the latest patch so you will have a harder time killing people who are higher level then you in pvp. This was needed if you played the closed beta. I could at level 30 kill max level 60s with my rapier/musket build. If you played the closed beta I would go read the patch notes alot of good changes in there. Equip loads were also changed with patch to balance out the heavy armor wearing healers giving them a 20% reduction in healing unless they are light weight. also nerfed the focus dmg based hammer and axe builds.

  30. Tips on turning in Town Quests:

    1. Some require hunting down animals/materials not native to that zone. There's no penalty for dropping a quest, it's better to abandon it out and wait for one you can get to rather than waiting until you end up in that region.

    2. Iron/Steel/Metal-in-general can be difficult to reliably come by, I advise against any quest requiring turning these in as it's tricky to get more for needed crafting. On the other hand, wood/stone/flint are EXTREMELY easy to gather and turn in. Specific spices can also be difficult to find (required for certain turn ins) but they're also less needed for leveling up your crafting, so weight that one out with which is more important to you.

    3. You need to Salvage fish for the fish bits/oils 🙂

  31. I hope I can play this game from SEA since I'm in Malaysia, I'm afraid if my ping is gonna be really high or something if I choose na or eu

  32. Great guide. Thanks for making it and sharing.

  33. I used to be an adventured too until I took an arrow to the knee

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